The weirdest place Jerry Springer's heard 'Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!'

Jerry's fans will stop at nothing to show their love for him.
4:36 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for The weirdest place Jerry Springer's heard 'Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!'
I don't need all that attention at my house. I'm not trying to have him die in my house. I'm trying to get him out of my I don't need no dead bodies in my house. It's a good philosophy to have. You never want a dead body in your house. No, you don't. We're hear with daytime legend Jerry springer who is back on TV holding court. He's holding court in his new show "Judge Jerry." Welcome again, Jerry. Excuse me, judge Jerry. Thank you. We were so excited for you to be here. We've watched your show forever. For decades. Three decades. I'm so sorry. I love it. I've ruined the culture. I never thought someone from my show would wind up in the white house. Oh, I'm teasing. Stop. We don't get boos very often. That wasn't really a boo. It was like an oh! Oh. We have a picture of you from your very first show. Take a look. That's your very first show. This show had such a huge impact. Did you imagine that the first time you stepped on stage? No. The show was stupid. My mom, when she first watched it, she would tell me it was very serious. In the first three years it was. When did the change happen? It took a turn. I was happy about the change. The change was entertaining. I was out drinking. No. What happened -- here's how it seriously happened. There were 20 talk shows at the everyone was trying to be like Oprah who was the best. Yep. It appealed to the demographic which was middle aged housewives. We did the same thing. We were one of 20 shows that were boring to be honest. Then Ricki lake came along. She went after the kids, high school and college age. I thought as a business model it's better to go out after the young people. It would be one out of two instead of one out of twenty. We decided to go young never thinking it would be crazy. Younger people are much more open in their lives. We came out as we welcomed you with the chant. Where's the weirdest place you ever heard the Jerry? I bet you get that everywhere you go. I was at a giants football game. True story. At halftime the guys go to the men's room. At the stadium the men's room can have 500 guys in there at once. They have the urinals that go on forever. They go for a full New York block. All of a sudden it's my turn and they spot me. 500 guys are going Jerry. True story. At my age I have enough pressure. I don't need 500 guys cheering me on. I was like I'll be right with you guys. Did you have stalls or a urinal? It's a urinal. That's stage fright. It was. You have the new show where you're a judge. Why not keep doing Jerry? Why not say I've done it for 30 years, I'm chilling? What made you say I'm going to be a judge now? I started out as a lawyer. My whole career has gone full circle. I went from lawyer to mayor of Cincinnati to anchor. I've had great jobs. You have. I'm 75. I'm ready to retire. They came to my office about two weeks prior to the end of the show. They walked in and said, look, you got a minute? I figured what's going to happen now? They said you're a lawyer. How about having a court show? I thought for 12, 14 seconds. I said, yeah. You know, it's the first grown up job I've had in 30 years. I have to think and read and it's exciting. I love being a judge. Putting that law degree to good use. My dad would be like don't waste your education. Don't waste it. We're all happy to have you back on TV. Absolutely. We are honored to have you

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Jerry's fans will stop at nothing to show their love for him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65642658","title":"The weirdest place Jerry Springer's heard 'Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!'","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/weirdest-place-jerry-springers-heard-jerry-jerry-jerry-65642658"}