This woman swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep

Jenna Evans explains how she did it and how she got it out.
3:48 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for This woman swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep
We have one more story that's making headlines that we have to discuss. Now, I don't know if you guys saw this but there's a California woman her name is Jenna Evans, she accidentally swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep, and guess what, she's in our audience right now. We need to hear this story, so come on up, Jenna. How are you? Great to see you. Oh, my gosh. You look beautiful. Thank you. So nice to meet you. I used to be a sleep walker but this is next level. Come on in, come on in. Oh man, so you know what, congrats on your engagement, first of all. Thank you so much. Thank you. And now, let's get too it. How do you swallow your engagement ring in your sleep? It doesn't even look yummy. It's not. I don't recommend it. I'm a very vivid dreamer and I was having a fantastic dream. It was very action packed. I was on a train with my fiance and there were bad guys, villains after us, and in my dream -- Sounds like a James bond movie. Very much so, but way better. Okay. And my fiance in my dreams says to me, you've got to swallow your ring. I assumed to protect it and I trust him implicitly. So I popped it off, put it in my mouth, down the hatch. Okay. You know what, your fiance Bobby, he is here as well. Bobby, please tell us this ring was insured. Not for enough. Not for enough? So when you heard this story, what went through your mind? It was pretty early when she woke me up so I just wanted to go back to bed. How did you get the ring out? That's what we want to know. How did you -- did you take it out of the bag or how did we get it out, girl? I've been wondering that this whole time. So -- We have a picture I think. We have the x-ray? Fortunately we did not go the natural course. I had an upper endoscopy. They went in through my throat. I did get an x-ray to make sure it had was there. It is really there sitting like a ring. It is sitting there. Clearly you didn't chew. No. So they pulled it out. Were you awake? No. They put me under. They put a camera down my throat and went and snatched it out. Out the way it went in, preferably. I don't want to ask but I'm going to ask, is that the ring? This is the ring. It's beautiful. Thank you. It's a gorgeous ring. It's been cleaned. I live. We wanted to do something for you to make sure that this never happens again -- You're not taking my ring, right? No. We would never do something like that. We got you a jewelry box. Thank you. Now girl, I know it's tiny and looks familiar but don't swallow that key. I'll do my best. No promises. And we know you guys were here, you and your whole family, your fiance Bobby and the kids, and we wanted to send you guys to dinner. I had the gift certificate but I had a little mishap and we have an x-ray of what happened. Oh, my gosh. I know a good doctor. You know a good doctor. Yeah, I do. You know what, that was all a joke because here you go. Thank you. Enjoy dinner. Thank you so much. Enjoy dinner on us. Thank you. And you know, it really is an amazing story and you know what, you should trust your man implicitly. That's what I'm talking about, Bobby, you're a good man. Congratulations to you too. Good luck. Big thanks to Jenna and Bobby and best wishes to you guys for your wedding.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Jenna Evans explains how she did it and how she got it out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65721671","title":"This woman swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/woman-swallowed-engagement-ring-sleep-65721671"}