4 bra experts pick the best bras for your body type, for any occasion

Girl, it's time to switch your bra.

April 19, 2018, 4:08 AM

Aren't you tired of your strap slipping? It's time to get serious about your bra, an essential part of looking flawless.

Elisabeth Dale, who founded The Breast Life, agreed. The bra expert warned that "without the right foundations, and the right style of bra in particular," we're at risk at creating a fashion faux pas.

Lori Kaplan, who has worked in the bra-fitting business for 40 years and owns New York City's Bra Tenders, told ABC News the bra is also important "to protect your breasts."

No matter what the reason, we hope you're convinced by now that you may want to take a second look at the best bras out there.

And if you need one more reason, Christina Faraj Savarese, who's been bra-fitting since 1997, told "GMA" a good bra can make you "so much more confident." It can even make you look "10 pounds thinner. There's good consequences."

We picked six classic styles of bras. So let's find the right bra for you based on what our experts -- Dale, Kaplan, Savarese and Jené Luciani -- have recommended:

Who does it work best for?

"They’re good at giving you that [boobs] on a platter look and we all like that once in a while," Dale quipped, adding that push-up bras are great for smaller breasts, but can also supply a boost for those wearing DD cups.

Expert picks:

1. Wacoal La Femme Underwire T-Shirt Bra

2. Natori Feathers Push Up Convertible Bra

3. The Little Bra Company's Mercedes

4. Curvy Couture's Tulip Lace Push Up

"It’s your basic bra. The one that you can wear underneath most things, but that’s going to give you the most support," Dale said.

Expert picks:

1. Chantelle's Le Marais Lace Unlined Plunge Bra

2. Fit Fully Yours' Veronica Lace

3. Yummie's Dawn Wire Free Contour Bra

4. Soma's Full Coverage Front Close Bra

"It's a molded cup," Kaplan said, noting it works for every woman. "So the molded cup is great for women because it prevents nipples from poking through T-shirts."

Expert picks:

1. Nubian Skin's Naked Bra - Berry

2. Wacoal's Top Tier Underwire Bra

3. ThirdLove's 24/7 Seamless Stripe T-Shirt Bra

4. Chantelle's C Essential T-Shirt Bra

"Anybody can wear it," Savarese said. "It’s almost like a shelf kind of look."

Kaplan added, "It's a very good style for all cup sizes and it's great for a square neckline as the straps go very far over."

Expert picks:

1. Tutti Rouge's Betty Burlesque Bra

2. Audelle Matilda Balconette Bra

3. Soma's Balconet Bra

4. Fleur of England's Whiskey Balcony Bra

Racerback bras work best on "really busty girls that are buying tops with cut outs on the side," Kaplan said. "Women like them because they close in the front, and at times when you're heavy-busted, it’s hard to close your bras in the back."

Dale added it's also great for women who "have sloping shoulders" or a "shorter torso."

Expert picks:

1. Wacoal Racerback Underwire Bra

2. Yummie's Wire Free Racer Back Bra with Front Closure

3. True and Company's True Body Lift V Neck Racerback Bra

4. Elomi

Everyone! In fact, Kaplan said strapless bra "season will keep us busy probably until July."

Expert picks:

1. Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Bra

2. Le Mystere's Sculptural Strapless Bra

3. The Little Bra Company's Sascha Bra White Pearl

4. Calvin Klein's 'Naked Glamour' Convertible Strapless Push-Up Bra

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