Designer Tory Burch offering $10K reward for her missing dog's safe return

See something, say something, and get paid.

Fashion designer Tory Burch is calling on everyone to help her find her dog named "Chicken."

On Tuesday, she took to Instagram to post a flyer titled "LOST DOG."

"We are heartbroken, please help us find chicken, a couple has her and found her on 56th and Madison at 12am on Sunday night," Burch wrote."

She continued, "They took her and said they would take her to get her chip scanned. She was not hurt but please help and ask that couple to bring her to us."

In Burch's flyer, Chicken is described as a brown miniature poodle that's seven months old and weighs eight pounds.

ABC New York station WABC reported there will be a $10,000 reward given for Burch's dog's safe return -- no questions asked.

"Please help us bring our baby home!" Burch wrote in the flyer.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call, text, or email (646) 386-6674 or