Expert tips on how to achieve healthy, glowing skin

Glamour magazine's beauty editor Ying Chu appears live on "GMA" to break down top skincare tips from some of Hollywood's biggest stars.
4:36 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for Expert tips on how to achieve healthy, glowing skin
All right, back now with these threegeous glowi S and their beaut teams are nal glow on a budget. That's the best part. Ying Chu is wit us from "Glamour" magazine you always have the B infofor us. Here we go to these three stars are some the biggest names in holwood cindycrawford. All havelawless skin so what do we need to includehat all them do every day 365 days a year. He one thing you've heard before proba but the best bet, sungscre you need to wear I every day, 365. Winter, Su, spring is the real deal. The sun may not be out but those rare damaging. They all do itnd results are all right, so they also have reallyat tips you got from their squ we'lln this a game. What we'll dos we'll share thetip and have an audienceember guess whose that is a we'll start here with Linda. Are youready? So you tell us a tip thene'll guess. The first trick is the ice trick and lov this became it is free. Just go into freezer in the morning,e out an icee and put it on your and rub it a couple minutes, it closespores. I never said beauty. Just a couple seconds even. Tightenshe pores. And really wakes you up and Yo make Okay, so now we go T U. The question is on. Whose -- who Dou think does that based O yourkin. I want to with Cindy Crawford. Come girl. Oh. She's the best. Brilliant so weovethis. We love that this gives you quick and ey results.another really great thing you N do is faceks are really popular celebrities use them, some expensive ones but loveome of the ones outre is less than $3. You can pop that into your freezeror just a couple of minutes and it on a bru your teeth, gr kids' lunches ready. Scare them a littlbit. Scare them a little then you're ready for your makeup. You're getting the same efct. Waking ? Thank you. A great tip, Ying the same thing with Ano celeb trick. All abouhe highligh it can go rightndwron We love lighter and what I is greatbout it is that it is wonder for any skin tone. Do W want to see whos the master of highlighter? , A you guys ready to the Mr of highlighter.a big title. Oh, I forgot to let you guess. I should say you guess right, ielle. Were you going T guess Gigi? Yes. Ot thatlow. She's you but does it right and areat trick that her makeup artist shared wit us, you want to layer highlighter so cream tn put the powder over it. So cream meaning a stick -- a stick highlighter and hit the high points of face so think about where the lightits your face, across your fohead like in a C shape ad your eyes acheekbones and on the top of your lip at the cupid's bow. It pops your Before I knew how to do it, did it and it looked like I W sweating prel please listen toying's tips. Prs of elimination, we know Gigi and so thiste rehanna an trick is easy. Really, really easy. Rihanna is famouslow it's head to toe. Ho wan to prepare I exfoliation. And Kay beauty has become such a huge trend.what we lov is that it's really affordable so can take a body scrub, put it on the rgh patches like your elbows, knees, ankles and then take one of thtowels from theorean spa, you can kind dip it in water or you'ren the shower already anhen want to G over the scrub with this just gives you baby 106 -- soft skin and a nat glow. Loofah and highlighting T face and entire body. You glow head to toe just like these celebes and ser affordab That's awesome. Really gre P, Ying, thank you, ladies. You're both winners. D glowing and, Ying, you're the be latest resh of "Glamour" with tips is on wsands rightow so check that out and we'll be right

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Glamour magazine's beauty editor Ying Chu appears live on \"GMA\" to break down top skincare tips from some of Hollywood's biggest stars. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57303642","title":"Expert tips on how to achieve healthy, glowing skin ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/expert-tips-achieve-healthy-glowing-skin-57303642"}