Fashion expert Joe Zee transforms Oscars fashion into everyday looks

With just two days until Hollywood’s biggest stars hit the red carpet, Zee walks us through some of the hottest gowns in Oscar history and what we can expect Sunday night.
7:20 | 04/23/21

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Transcript for Fashion expert Joe Zee transforms Oscars fashion into everyday looks
off this stable. With two days until Hollywood's biggest stars hit the red carpet, some of the most unforgettable gowns in Oscar history and what you can expect as we see countdown 0 Sunday with the most glamorous night of the year. The glitz, the glamour and the gowns. All in person this year for the 93rd academy awards. Fashion at the oscars is so spectacular and so special because it's actually the night where trends are created and born. Bold shoulders making an appearance in the '80s and again in 2011. Cate Blanchett showed up in givenchy, architecturally important dress and the shoulders were quite impressive. This is not a dress for red carpet beginners. For the ogs. Reporter: From regulars to Zendaya when she hit the red carpet in brown, she did it and did it well. Reporter: The inspiring and innovating designs always a big hit. Janelle monae, when she stepped on the red carpet with this Ralph Lauren gown on that had over 160,000 have revolver ski crystals, I mean, she set the tone. Reporter: As for what to expect this weekend -- Stylists will always lean heavenly 0 the old Hollywood aesthetic but there will always be people willing to shock the system and give us a little more excitement. Reporter: All right, speaking of excite we are excited for Sunday and what's happening now, joining us live to show us how we can turn some of the most iconic Oscar looks into everyday out fits is Joe zee and "Gma" staffers looking gorgeous. They'll tell us about the looks they're modeling. Everybody, good morning to you. Thank you. Oh, my gosh. Good morning. Hi, so let's dive in because I don't know about you, but I've been living in sweats and comfy clothes for the last year so all of this glitz and glam I'm super excited about. You say there is a way to kind of turn -- take some of this glitz that W see on the red carpet and turn it into the everyday lives even if we're still a little living in sweats and leggings. Oh, my god. I think we have zoom fatigue. I mean we spent the better part of the year in sweatpants and time to get done up for real life and, of course what, better inspiration than the red carpet. Oscars are this weekend. You can take elements and do it without breaking the bank. Let's dive in. We all remember this amazing look, the one and only Nicole kidman. This was 1997. Beautiful neon. I have to say, this dress when she wore it, it broke every single rule of what a red carpet dress should be. First time she wore a runway designer. No one ever did it prior to Nicole on the red carpet then it was also neon green. It was embroidered and trimmed in fur. On paper they would have said please do not wear this. You're going to get ripped apart and it was actually something people celebrated and become iconic, 25 plus years later people are still talking about. All right. We'll talk about it and see it in real life with our "Gma" friend producer here. You've got a beautiful neon there. You say we can bring runway to real life with this. Absolutely. So we took a slip dress in the neon green and paired it with a knit sweater on top and made it super casual and fun and did it with the sneakers. The easy part you can go all out and make a statement as we did here which I love this look or you can actually just do a hint of it so whether it can be a belt, a bag, or a small accessory if you don't want to go bold, but the great way to wear something like neon is just really jump. We have another one. J. Lo, I think we're going to her next. This was -- I mean we all remember this, the mirror, this was 2019. Break it down. Okay, so this is the Tom Ford dress straight off the runway and I think for Tom it was inspired about being the end of the night at an incredible party. A broken disco ball, it's pieces of glass all shard and put together into this incredible couture dress. Look how much she shimmers in it. The great thing you can do this for day. Do tell because we've got Jessica standing by. Modeling her inner J. Lo. You say for less than 100 bucks? Oh, my gosh. Absolutely so wound this at ZARA which I love. The idea of doing sequins for day is actually a bigger trend than most think. Don't be worried about shine and think it's only for night or special occasions. Have fun, we paired it with a metallic sneaker but do it with something casual. Something easy and I love the shape. Really just a t-shirt dress, shape and keeping it casual and fun. You can have J. Lo or you can have for under 100. After the sweats and leggings, that's a nice change. Over here we have, of course, the famous Gwyneth capelet. This is the famous capelet dress so showed up with this at the Oscar, also a Tom Ford dress and I think there was a lot of mixed critical review at that particular moment because no one had worn this sort of long superhero cape inspired look before but it has gone on to be something that's copied multiple times by many people and a really flattering red carpet look but a great way to also wear it every day. Okay, speaking of everyday, Angela, the one and only giving Gwyneth a real run for her money. You say you can do a capelet in real life. Absolutely, this is actually a blazer and I love it because it's got the strong shoulder but it's fun and it's something that you can wear, of course, a blazer you can throw over a t-shirt. Here with a pair of black jeans. I know a lot of women have wanted to keep airports covered but don't want a heavy sleeve. This is a great alternative and seen women like Meghan Markle wear silhouettes like this. They look incredible. I'll commute to the one and only Viola Davis nominated for best actress. She does not shy away from a pop of color on the red carpet. Oh, my gosh. I think she is the queen of brights. I am so obsessed with Viola Davis' style. So great and love her stylist. I think what she does really well, she can make it look so incredibly classic. If you wear bright pops of color like that you could end up looking like a preschool or cartoon and I think she always makes it look incredibly sophisticated and so many incredible ways to do this every single day. Okay, and case in point let's see any coal, the one and only. That is lovely. A green suit, so pretty. You say we can do this in the real world. Oh, my gosh. This is my favorite look. It is so bold and statement making but so fresh and feels like summer is coming. You know so we did the green suit with the blue shirt and accented with a yellow bag. It's fun. When you want to do 3wr50i9 color, layer, layer, layer, throw it on and have fun. Don't worry. You can do the whole thing a complimentary color or monotones or even do, say, a pink shirt with a red suit. Like I think it's really just about being a bit daring. Well, you ladies are giving all these celebs a serious run for your money. Thank you all, coming up, everybody, a special oscars

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"With just two days until Hollywood’s biggest stars hit the red carpet, Zee walks us through some of the hottest gowns in Oscar history and what we can expect Sunday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77263404","title":"Fashion expert Joe Zee transforms Oscars fashion into everyday looks","url":"/GMA/Style/video/fashion-expert-joe-zee-transforms-oscars-fashion-everyday-77263404"}