How to find the best jeans for your body type

Lori Bergamotto of "Good Housekeeping" breaks down what to know when shopping for jeans, and discusses a new denim trend out of Asia.
5:32 | 06/04/18

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Transcript for How to find the best jeans for your body type
Temperature should get to ad degrees.have a gre day. Overseas is coming right here to U.S. The company says theyake people look slimmer. S Eva pilgrim has the story. ?????? Reporter: What's theecretto a great pair of jeans? They're stretchy and I can wehem Tok and wear them ou Reporter: But finding the perfect pairs practically imssible. I'm pretty S so finding the perfect electric ofns hard sometimes. Reporter: N kd of Jean could behe of your Dr without breaking the bank. They're called uu M 5k jeans. They run about 25 to $50 and theyupe you look1 pounds thinner. I don'tecessarily thinkou look 11 pounds lighte I hate to burst everybody bubble but they definitely have a slenderizing effect. Rorter: THA effect created byeveral small design details the stretchy material. Theeans are hugging you but not chokyou. Reporter: The elastic waistband. It eliminates muffin top. And tyoke, theine tt runs across the upper cksi of the Jean. Sometimes you get one that's a hard one like the peach emoji. This is a soft one. Reporohe live up to the hype. Traded my favorite denim for them. Yourma loo so flat. Have you astomach. I just ate lunch I had pizza. Reptee also asked three ABC news staffers all different and body types to give th go I feel like it sucks everything in. The waist I ditely like. I like the electric L actually. EP but not everyone was convince I don think I'd buy them actually. Ths so much extra space in the crotch area. Repr: Procer Alexa they're a good eday Jean. Swing your hips. So funny. Okay, so I wore the jeans Allday. They do stretch ae which is a good thing but they a like wash back intoheht shape. The calves tight in the calves. The one, one ING. UT they make you L goo up here. All the elaic up here. Well,hey feel G up there. Thanks,ss what we've got. "Good houspityle this. All righal we asked viewers to send in quest fit and you Ed out. Here is the first question from a. Hi there, Lori. I'm a curvy woman. I always hav to buy my jeans up to two sizes story fit my hips and thighs but leaves tons of room in thestarea. Take a look at thatou can fit a small chi in that. Do I buy larger Jr squeeze into the ones that fit M waist? All right. That's a G question. Nna, come on out. So, Amy, this is a problem. Here she comes. Log great. Looking great. This isroblem that so many women have whereou have to navigate that waist to hip ratio. When I saw THA banna was buying two sizes biggeras like, oh, no. E actually a lot of denim aniesoming around to this prm and these jeans, we have her in curve 360 B , T are actually built to solve this exact problem. Thesare legging Jean. They lookgreat. They're not -- don't T look great on her? Yes. So they're not your traditnal zipper and button je loo like real jeans and evenave the little rs and she almost cried when she tried these on like they looked so good on and there's no gap. Ou want to look for that contoured band. Can you get these at Nordstrom. In a regular, you know, zipper fly set. Took comfy too. I love it. Ey lookgr that'serfect foryou. Congratulations. Thank you, Brianna. Aght, we have another viewer question from Jen. She is petite and can't find the right length for her. , I hurt my knee and I N't wear heels, so you need to lp me find a pair ofns that Wil make my L short legs look long super model lean. All right. Jennifer,e on out and, Lori, can des what you did. Sohen you're this height H is under and Hur her knee it can be a challenge. Couple of things we wanted to do. Make sure they were in a dark wash denimt alws makes everything look more streamlined and ankle length cut but I have this pem you still may have to roll them U and that's what you want to do becau that H of an ankle and showing some skin on your foot ishat elongates the leg G the illuhat your legs are a lot longer. You know W I'v done, I've cu Jean You can cut them O. Very trend? When you cut them you wash they looked frayed and co These H&M S, $9.99. They L Ang on her, $9.99. And she alsoas the little joke on back where if you have it in a soft "V" that a rht down there, it makes everything look a little more flattg and lived. Thank you so much, Lori thank you to our ls. You all look great.we'll have much more on our website. In the meantime, Juliana Margulies

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"Lori Bergamotto of \"Good Housekeeping\" breaks down what to know when shopping for jeans, and discusses a new denim trend out of Asia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55627532","title":"How to find the best jeans for your body type ","url":"/GMA/Style/video/find-best-jeans-body-type-55627532"}