How you can find clothing that fits just right

Good Housekeeping’s Lori Bergamotto shows “GMA” universal tips to determine the correct size for shirts, blazers and jeans.
4:50 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for How you can find clothing that fits just right
right fit" where we help you find clothes that look and feel your best. Clothing sizes are changing from brands and even moving away from traditional sizing so how do you know what really fits? I mean it's very confusing. Thankfully we have "Good housekeeping" style director Lori bergamotto here to show us. They're moving away from traditional sizing so how does somebody order clothes and know what will fit? It is confounding, isn't it? I don't know what size I am. I think the key here is to remember that there is no real universal method in women's sizing. Think of sizes as more of a compass that will get you in the general direction but not a road it's not waze. It won't take you exactly where you're going. You want to try things on and ignore the number. It's more about the fit. It does mean an extra step. How many people in the audience order more than one size when ordering online? You kind of have to now. We've got models. Come on out, models. We've got models that will help us with three pieces that all of us love to wear. Yes. Hi, ladies. Hi, ladies. We're going to start first with the jeans. Because everybody loves a great fitting Jean. It's hard to find the right -- I ordered three different pairs and now the high top, the low rise, the midrise the it's too much. It's like calculus. So Brittany, we have a before picture, right? Do we have that? Do we have -- this is her, what she knows to be her size, but it clearly doesn't fit well. That's right and that's the thing about Jean sizing. We want to focus on the fit. So there's a few things that you want to remember. So with this particular pair we're doing a midrise. That's like a very easy entry point for everyone, you know, I know you hear the trend of like high-rise. I just said that. I literally ordered all three. No, so the midrise is the easiest entry point. The other thing you want to remember, err on the size smaller. I know that sounds funny. I don't want tight Jean. They are so stretchy now. Your jeans will stretch up to half a size but you don't want to have them too tight. Here's a simple test. No fun. It's two fingers right between your waistband and your waist. That's what you should be able to fit. More than that, too big. Two fingers going out. Straight down here. If you can't even fit one finger they're too small. This particular pair of jeans from measure and made. A relatively new company and what they do is you can't even order just random sizes from their site. Have to take their fit logic quiz and they will give you a size plus a shape. Ize 8, 8-1, 8-2 or 8-3 and take into your account your silhouette. Love those. Do they feel good? They feel amazing. Those two pictures were the same size jeans. You look great. I'm glad you found your perfect fit. Button downs are not easy. Right? No. We always have that gaping problem. The gaposis. Chelsea here had suffered from it. A few things to remember. With this shirt you want to make sure it has darts in the shirt so it doesn't overwhelm you. Women size up in the bust area but drowning in the shirt. Agreed. We have a little test that Chelsea will show us. Put your hands behind your back. If you do and get a gap here, get a different size shirt and then the third thing is if you have this particular problem, I love audience paermgs. If you do have this problem there are companies that cater to this. Look for those. This is the shirt by Rochelle Barron's. It has a double placket so you'll never get that gap. Love a white button down. Hard it find a great one. This looks polished and Chelsea who never wore them is like, oh, I'm into this. You look great. Such a cute look. Thank you. The blazer. The blazer is tricky. They can feel long waisted. Short waisted. Long waisted. This whole situation. Oversize blazers are trendy so -- you. Don't want to look like -- we're going to tell you how we do it. Kristen is going to show us how to do the hug test. If you can do that and it's not pulling anywhere and comfortable for you, that means it's the right size. Can you give me a spin. Let's see the whole look. Ooh. Looks fabulous. On the shoulder, a key one, on the shoulders you want to make sure the seam is hitting at your shoulder. Not extending beyond. See how this is at the edge of your shoulder. If it's past it's a look, just maybe not the look we want. Make sure you can layer something underneath it. She looks great. Thank you, guys. Amazing, check out our website

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Good Housekeeping’s Lori Bergamotto shows “GMA” universal tips to determine the correct size for shirts, blazers and jeans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68501212","title":"How you can find clothing that fits just right","url":"/GMA/Style/video/find-clothing-fits-68501212"}