The hottest 'mom-approved' prom trends this spring

Style expert Melissa Garcia talks hot, "mom-approved" spring trends for teens going to prom this year.
4:48 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for The hottest 'mom-approved' prom trends this spring
Prom season is almost here and the hunting on to find the perfect dress that is also mom approved. So we sent two mother-daughter duos with Melissa Garcia to find a dress they both loved. Take a look. Reporter: With prom just weeks away, Madison and Olivia are still on the hunt for that perfect dress, but the only thing standing in their way, they need it to be prom approved by mom. We hit up Macy's in New York City with fashion guru Melissa Garcia to see if she can make everyone happy. How about a two-piece. Reporter: First up, 17-year-old Madison and mom Nicole. They have very different opinions about how she should look. Tell me a little about what your ideal prom dress looks like. Cinderella type of poofy situation. I like that. Slit but not too high up. I like a high slit and something tight. Not a big, poofy dress. This is definitely a wow dress. How do you feel? The top I really like, I really enjoy. The bottom is little iffy for me. This has a little more texture to it. It's nice. I just want more leg. This is definitely a big statement dress. How do you feel? I really like the color. I like the criss-cross at the top. Reporter: Next up, 18-year-old Olivia and mom. What does your ideal prom dress look like? Tight fitted, neutral colors, not so much on it. What colors would you like to see Olivia in? Light colors, pink, white or champagne. No dark color. Wow, this is beautiful. How do you feel in this dress? I didn't expect to like it because of the bottom of it. This is in the color family that you like, so what do you think? I like the color and I like how the top fits. I like how it has pockets but I just like when it's more form fitting. This definitely incorporates a lot of the items and trends you wanted to hit on. It's form fitting, sophisticated, sleek. I like how it fits my body. It's simple. Reporter: So which looks did they pick? Find out now, live. Yes, we're going to find out in just a moment. But first Melissa Garcia joins us now. Welcome. Thank you. Tell us what some of the prom dress trends are this year. Lots of floral, jewel tones and ball gowns, big ball gowns. Moms, are you ready to see which dresses your daughters chose? Let's see the dresses. First up is Madison escorted by a very special guest. Beautiful. Tell me about this look. So beautiful. Metallic and glitz is always a big trend that we're seeing every year and this year is no exception. She wanted a dress that had sparkle and this definitely has that. It has that nude tone color that she was also looking for in that gold family, and the slit, she wanted a slit. She wanted to be able to dance and move so she has her slit but it's balanced out because the top is really conservative. I think it's so beautiful. Nicole was shaking her head when she saw that slit. I was checking how far it went up the leg with it. I'm okay with it, yeah. How do you feel, Madison? I enjoy this dress, the top, the silhouette and the slit was a nice touch. It's a compromise, right? I think you look beautiful. You look stunning. Okay, let's now bring out Olivia with her escort. Beautiful. Tell us about this gorgeous So I love this dress. This is something that Olivia didn't think she was looking for. She wanted something tighter and form fitting but again like we were saying ball gowns are a huge trend and she fell in love with it. It has that pastel color that she was looking for, that light color family. Again, it looks so beautiful on she looks like a princess. You do. I love it. Olivia, what made you fall in love with this dress even though you thought it wasn't what you wanted? I never liked ball gowns. It was not my thing, like they're too big. Then my mom was like, try it on, try it on, and I finally put it on and I was like, I'm in love with it. And you look like a princess. I like the little touch right here, too. That's so nice and subtle. How do you feel about this? I love it. Both of the dresses are mom approved and totally prom approved. Thanks for joining us. Guess what, we have a little surprise for you. You get to keep your entire looks so you get to take them to

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Style expert Melissa Garcia talks hot, \"mom-approved\" spring trends for teens going to prom this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62503238","title":"The hottest 'mom-approved' prom trends this spring","url":"/GMA/Style/video/hottest-mom-approved-prom-trends-spring-62503238"}