Social media star teaches simple skin care tips

Hyram Yarbro is an influencer focused on skin care who has some of the biggest followings across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.
5:18 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for Social media star teaches simple skin care tips
shower or two, 44 tomorrow, To our story on the I love the music. The skin care guru who rules with nearly 12 million followers is going to join us live with his tips. First a little more about Hiram. Welcome to skin care with Hiram. If you don't know who I am, I'm Hiram and I'm passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skin care routines. Reporter: Affordable skin care tips. While not a trained professional -- This is a way to connect and learn about skin care mutually Reporter: At 24 years old he's captivated over 6 million followers on tiktok alone. That's a lot. Reporter: From finding dry lips. Ever since I started wearing masks my lips get significantly drier then they have before. Reporter: To typing your unique skin care routine. I'll provide you with some of my favorite products to help you use with that problem. Reporter: The self-taught skin care guru committed to helping you be confident in your own skin. And Hiram is a very popular skin care specialist on social media. Especially for generation Z. His motto, everyone should have access to skin care. We say good morning, Hiram. Good morning to you. Good morning. Great to see you. Hello, hello. I tell you what, you know, you're very clear that you're not a dermatologist. That you good your start as a makeup artist. How have you been able to build such a strong, loyal community online like you have. Yeah, yeah, well, I started as a makeup artist as you said where I would see people spend thousands on a single product that wasn't justified so started creating videos sharing my knowledge about skin care and as I grew I created a tiktok account a few months ago where my videos started to go viral about skin care information and my main focus is always to spread the message that you don't need to have a lot of money to have a good skin care routine and take care of your People really do appreciate that. So you are going to give us some of your top tip, right? So let's begin with tip number three. Your tip on winter skin care. Yes, so taking care of your skin in the winter you should really focus on moisturizing your skin by using a rich hydrating moisturizer overnight. Also good to make sure you avoid overly drying treatments like alcohol toners or scrubs to make sure you protect the moisture barrier and make sure you're wearing a sunscree every day. Always wear sunscreen. So key. Your tip number two has to do with necessary ingredients, I love this, at every age. Tell us, hyram. I think teenagers should be using the ingredient salicylic acid which exfoliates pores and prevents breakouts and you can find them in cleansers. Young adults should use niacinamide which is grade for controlling oiliness and getting red of redness. You can find this in a lot of serum late 20s, good idea to use retinol which will help to prevent against long-term aging and damage and you can find it in a lot of serums and moist risers as well N. Your 30s, I recommend using a richer moisturizer that has dimethicone that will prevent against water loss which contributes to long-term dryness and agesing. All right. Hyram. On a roll here. A drum roll your number one tip, drum roll, please. Tell us, must have product. What do you recommend? Yes, so I believe that everyone should have four products in their skin care routine, first a cleanser, just to make sure you're properly cleaning your pores, second, a treatment which can either be an exfoliating toner which will help to get rid of dead skin cells on the fast to make sure you look more know or an anti-aging serum like a retinol to prevent against long-term aging and damage within the skin. Third a moisturizer to make sure that you're properly hydrating your skin to make sure it's protected and fourth, like I said, using a proper sunscreen every single day. We have a bonus question. So many followers. We wanted to hear from one this. Is Lauren from New York. Take a look. Hi, hyram. Any secrets about skin care I need to know? Any secrets? Hi, Lauren. Hi, Lauren. Yes, so I would say one of the biggest secrets I would say is to make sure you avoid DIY skin care. DIY skin care can be highly irritating to the face and in reality you don't know the right concentrations and mixtures of certain ingredients that will be beneficial for the skin so it's best to trust chemists who had the proper training and education to be able to create skin care products to make sure you take care of your skin. Good advice as always. Delight to meet you. Thank you so much. Nice to meet you. Appreciate that. To see more of the influencers go to Tomorrow, another influencer, Jason derulo, joining us to help announce some of tiktok's top videos of the year and hyram, he may be on that list.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Hyram Yarbro is an influencer focused on skin care who has some of the biggest followings across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74476088","title":"Social media star teaches simple skin care tips","url":"/GMA/Style/video/social-media-star-teaches-simple-skin-care-tips-74476088"}