Must-know sustainable and inclusive Feel Good Fashion

Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping shares brands that are conscious of the environment and of people with disabilities so you can feel good about what you wear and buy.
3:33 | 04/24/19

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Transcript for Must-know sustainable and inclusive Feel Good Fashion
buying and wearing. Our friend "Good housekeeping's" Lori bergamotto is here to help us with all of this. Good morning, my friend. Good morning to you. You too. I've been noticing this in the stores. This sustainable fashion. What is it? So shoppers realize the positive impact they can make on the environment through their fashion choices and, Cecilia, I think the fashion industry recognizes they're one of the most wasteful industries so they're trying to take sustainable steps to a greener production. So great. You have an example and a model will come out to show us what she's wearing. "Good housekeeping" produced the textiles lab and have single attribute sustainability. Wearing a tank top. That is -- % of their items are made from sustainable apparel and use organic cotton, low impact dyes and now look at her Levis, sustainable practices. Did you know it takes 2,000 gallons to make one pair of jeans, you guys so what they're doing is reducing that by 96% waterless and has all birds, one of the most sustainable. Shoelaces are made from recycled plastic. A lot of companies are going with the recycled. Yes, two are made well and H&M. Made well, you can bring in your denim and they'll recycle and turn it into housing insulation. So cool. Get $20 off for a new pair of jeans and H&M, you can bring ig in even if has a stain or hole or tear and get 15% and buy something from their conscious collection where I'm wearing the shoes. You look fantastic. Another big trend we're seeing right now. Rentals which I'm a big proponent of this. I rent the runway. It saves me that. We love it. Brands are getting involved from New York and company. Now, tia is a busy working mom and could have cost her $150, for less than a third of the price bring out the racks, $49.95 she can get up to 20 pieces. Yolove that like Ann Taylor are also doing it. Definitely want to get to this. Clothing that brings in inclusivity. This is including people with disabilities. Exactly, adaptive clothing and have our model coming out. What's so great about this huge growing market in fashion, big brands like target, and you can see, they look like typical closure. While you're doing that. We've just got a few seconds left. Mindy who is CEO -- you're the CEO and co-founder of runway dreams. Leading the way on this. Tell us why it is so important. People with disabilities are the largest minority we have on our planet and the one thing that unites always all is clothing and has a direct correlation as to who we are, our self-esteem, confidence. People with disabilities should have mainstream options that empower, excite and include them. So important, thank you for being here. You can shop all of these on our

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Lori Bergamotto of Good Housekeeping shares brands that are conscious of the environment and of people with disabilities so you can feel good about what you wear and buy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62594059","title":"Must-know sustainable and inclusive Feel Good Fashion","url":"/GMA/Style/video/sustainable-inclusive-fashion-brands-62594059"}