New technology helps women find clothes that fit

True Fit can help shoppers tackle the challenge of finding the right size. See how it worked for these two women.
3:52 | 01/22/20

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Transcript for New technology helps women find clothes that fit
top number after 3:00 P.M. This afternoon. Now to our series "The right fit." This morning tackling the challenge of knowing your true size and technology that can help. It's a story we first read about in "The Wall Street journal." Paula, are you going to tell us about it. What a challenge it can be, right? "The Wall Street journal" said it best, clothing sides are broken. That's why you probably own a myriad of sizes, the fit depends on the designer, right? We spoke to two women. They're right there with you. When it comes to buying clothes, finding the right size is a constant challenge. You go into the fitting room and have a bunch of sizes and it's just a trying on game to see what fits. It's even harder now that so much shop something done online. Laura and Phyllis say order something a game of trial and error. Sizes are crazy. I have to order two or three large, sometimes medium. Sometimes extra large. It's crazy because you don't know how it will fit. I was looking at some of your clothes. These are all of your clothes. You have a 2, you have an 8. You have a 12. A Patti medium. A medium. A large and an XL and 1x/2. X. No wonder you're frustrated. Here's Phyllis in a size 2 and in a size 12. Both items are from her own closet. So what gives? Size 6 to a size 12. Size 8. A 10 and an 8. One word to describe the experience. Annoying. Experts say the problem is due to an outdated sizing system. It was standardized in the 1950s on an hourglass shape that represents only 14% of the global population. A new crop of companies are trying to solve the problem like my size I.D. It's an app where shoppers can use a smartphone to take and analyze their measurements or there's true fit. That little red "T" you see online and partnered with more than 200 brands. Now tell us about a top that fits you great. Shoppers provide information about other items they've purchased and liked and true fit will suggest a size. So Phyllis and Laura tried it for themselves. Now drum roll. It is the moment of truth. We're going to see how true fit worked for Phyllis and Laura. They're here with us this morning. Thank you both. Really good. All right. So these are clothes you ordered online after using true fit. Correct? And this is a brand that you've worn before. What was the size you wore before? So this is New York and company. I wore a large. I would always buy a true. What did true fit say? Medium and this is a medium and I love it. Beautiful outfit. I know, I know. They nailed it. How about for you, Laura. This is actually a size 10. Typically I'd have picked between a 10 or 12. True fit said I would be a size 8. I tried the 8 on. It was a little snug? The chest area so ultimately I went with a 10 and it fits really great. And true fit said because you returned it and said they could learn from the return. It's actually very helpful. All part of the refining process. They'll take that return and the information. That factors into your own personal algorithm. You look great, ladies, I have to say. What more can you tell us about the service? We'll talk about it more tomorrow. What? I can't tell you. It's a tease. You got to come back tomorrow. We are going to -- This is something viewers really wanted help with. Phyllis, Laura, Paula, thank you

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"True Fit can help shoppers tackle the challenge of finding the right size. See how it worked for these two women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68445328","title":"New technology helps women find clothes that fit","url":"/GMA/Style/video/technology-helps-women-find-clothes-fit-68445328"}