TikTok beauty trends, are they worth the time?

Lifestyle expert, Melissa Garcia, puts three of the biggest TikTok trends to the test.
3:48 | 07/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TikTok beauty trends, are they worth the time?
Now to some summer style. Clever beauty tricks that are all over tiktok, but are they worth the time? Lifestyle expert Melissa Garcia is putting three of the biggest tiktok trends to the test. Good morning to you, Melissa. First, there is a hair trend you want to show us. Yes, good morning, Eva. Yes, so this hair trend has been viewed over 6.5 million times on tiktok, so we know that this is a big one, so I have my daughter Harlow here because I want to demonstrate how easy this is to do. This is essentially the corkscrew curl. All you need is a flat iron and a pencil, so all you do here is you take a piece of hair in the front, you take your pencil, wrap it around. Go really quick. And then you take your flatiron, have it heated up and just tap, tap, tap a couple times and let go, and, look, there you have it. Isn't that cool? This works so well. We were both so shocked at how well this works. It's really fast. It works easily but the one caveat, if you have a lot of hair like Harlow does here, she has like rapunzel hair, it will take some time. So definite thumbs up on this one for me. The longer the hair the longer it will take you probably. Yes. So the next one you have for us is for the lips. Yes, so it was all about Ulta lip oil on tiktok. It's been all over and I have to tell you, I was hesitant about this one because I'm a gloss girl through and through but I tried this and I loved it. So if you can see from our pictures here, I really love this. It was moisturizing, it was hydrating, it really lasted long. I drank, I ate and it really stood the test of time. I love this and it's better than a gloss I think because it's not sticky, and it's different from a balm because a balm has wax that seals in the moisture. So if you want that extra moisture lock, my pro tip would be to exfoliate your lips first, put on your oil then put on the balm to moisturize and let everything marinate and soak in so this is another thumb's up for me. Again, you don't have to use the Ulta. Any lip oil will do. I prefer a nontinted one. Our makeup artist Camille has me using the tinted lip oils because they're stupid-proof. You can't screw them up and get them all over your face. Finally you have -- They are so good. Yeah. Finally, you have a makeup tip for us. Okay, so the reverse makeup trend, so this has been around for awhile, but it's gaining traction on tiktok these days and essentially what it is is taking your makeup routine and just flipping it around to the reverse. So you start with the moisturizer generally anyway but then instead of putting on your primer first, you're essentially putting it on last and it's flipped around. You'll see how the normal makeup routine is. You are put your primer, translucent powder, setting spray the normal way but they're flipping it around. So I tested this out. I put the translucent powder on before my primer. It didn't work well for me because when I put the primer on top of the translucent powder, it got really pasty, and it created this whole situation that didn't have a great base to put my foundation on. I didn't feel like my foundation stayed on well. I felt like there were lines, there were wrinkles. It was not good for me, so this is the thumb's down for me. I'm going to stick to my basic makeup routine. This doesn't make any sense to me either. Why would you put powder on and then put liquid on top of it? That just seems like a disaster to me, but I guess it's working for some people. Yes, I totally agree with you. Did not work for me at all. All right, well, thanks, Melissa. We appreciate it. Dan, back to you. I have told you, Eva, a million times it's always -- what is it, foundation? Anyway -- That's right. Stupid-proof.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Lifestyle expert, Melissa Garcia, puts three of the biggest TikTok trends to the test.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71608442","title":"TikTok beauty trends, are they worth the time?","url":"/GMA/Style/video/tiktok-beauty-trends-worth-time-71608442"}