The ultimate New Year's looks for any party

Whether you are having a date night, black tie affair or a stay-at-home pajama party, "GMA" style contributor Jessica Mulroney shares her top looks to ring in 2019.
8:10 | 12/28/18

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Transcript for The ultimate New Year's looks for any party
First counting down the days till we ring in the new year and Jessica Mulroney is here to show us some styles to kick off 2019. No matter where or how you are celebrating, this is an important night for a lot of people. New year's dressing is so much fun. We tend to be a little bit more sparkly, a little bit more colorful. Maybe a little bit sexier than we dress on the average day so if you're looking to save money in 2019 but you still want to look super stylish when the ball drops you've come to the right place. The first one we have is the night out on the bar. Club hopping. What I used to do. I don't remember all the nights but I certainly remember putting a lot of effort into my fashion. The picture of the outfit. This is the perfect. A skinny black pant with a tuxedo inspired stripe down the side. A sparkly tank. I love this one in particular because the sleeves are thicker so you can wear a bra. It's not so tight. Lady, it is not the time to wear reasonable shoes on new year's eve because there are shoes that look like this. You'll be in pain the next day, no big deal. The great thing about this outfit, it's under $100. From head to toe. For the whole thing. Earrings, tank top, the pants and the shoes, $97. Good job. That is remarkable. Isn't that fun? Our next outfit is for the people that have somebody special in their life. Romantic dinner. They already know who they're going to kiss at the end of the night. No mystery involved. New year's eve can be really romantic. After kids it kind of goes downhill. But I love it because you can get dressed up for dinner. It's a special occasion. If you don't love color and don't love sparkle winter white is a great option so I got her a beautiful white jumpsuit with a matching jacket and then add your color with the shoe. Have a great red shoe and add the sparkle on top with a great statement earring. Doesn't she look great? She looks fabulous. And this outfit is -- So the earrings, the jumpsuit blazer, the shoes, $99.98. I need to go shopping with you. I'll take you shopping any day. The big issue for people on new year's, it's cold so this next outfit. We have the man. We don't want to forget. We almost forgot. So, you know, spackle is not just for the ladies. We can do a little bit of sparkle for the guy, especially if it's done in a subdued way with a beautiful black blazer. Great Kinney jeans and classic pair of loafers. This look total turtleneck, blazer, pants and shoes, $142. He costs more. Now, for the people who have to be outside in the weather like the people here in times square, if you're like going to be a ski bunny. Yes. The whole wearing puffy clothes is not conducive to looking cute always. No, but you can do it. You can do it. Doesn't she look so cute? I mean this is -- This is the typical cute girl outside with the red puffy coat, the cable knit sweater, the plaid shirt, fitted jeans, great combat boots an a great pair of warm socks. Doesn't that look amazing? It does look amazing so what's even more amazing about this is that the whole entire outfit, every top, the jacket, the pants, boots, socks, whole thing, $142. That's a lot of layers. That's a lot of bang for your buck. Finally, well, not finally, we have the dressed up people, the fancy people. Yes. The far end. Exactly. Not going to be my new year's eve but this is so much fun. It is a time to bring out the fashion. Bring out the sparkle. Go crazy and these two look fabulous. So -- This coat is amazing. It is gorgeous and this is for definitely a cocktail or black-tie event. If she takes it off it is a full sequin full commitment with a pair of rose gold shoes and great pair of statement earrings. Now, this entire look, coat included is $137. You were talking that coat is 30 bucks. $30. It's like an actual real thick coat. You don't have to spend a lot of money to look good and for him, what I love is this really great gold tuxedo jacket. You can bring it out once a year, you know, it's on new year's eve with a great black shirt, great black pants and velvet loafer. The whole look is $132. Shoes, jacket, suit. Like a full suit. That's crazy. I mean it is like a little special for new year's. Not just a standard tux. It's not what you wear on the average day to the office but a once a year kind of moment. Or your birthday. One of those two things. Our final outfit, more our speed right here. This is what I'm going to be doing on new year's eve. Oh, yeah, my pajamas don't look quite this cute. You guys, it's such a fun time to start traditions with your families and start them by wearing new pajamas every year. You can find some at some great deals at old Navy or gap. These are just like really great picture moments. You'll remember them as opposed to over at the bar, you'll remember these and they all look so comfortable and cute. Who doesn't want to ring in the new year like this? And we want to tell you -- oh, yeah, you want to talk? Are you feeling chatty this morning? Isn't he just adorable. I love these slippers. The Brokaw family from new Jersey. We heard you have faced some pretty tough medical issues in the last year. You also have a new little baby here. He is super cute and we wanted to make sure your new year's eve as super extra special so these pjs are yours to keep but we have a special 55-inch insignificantny 4k U HDTV from our friends at Best Buy to watch new year's rockin' eve and it has voice assistant Alexa so you can ring in the new year in style in thank you. Happy new year. Thank you. We actually have another special announcement. We do. Oh, yeah, a big wedding giveaway with the one and only right here. Yes, so we are giving away a full wedding and what I mean full wedding I mean from the venue to the accommodations to the wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the groomsmen, the bride and the groom, flowers, photography, the whole nine yards, a complete wedding giveaway that will be styled by me with "Gma" and it's going to be amazing, so we are really hoping to get a special couple. This is your specialty. You have a chance to win it. The reception at the royal punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic by wedding vacations with the help of Kleinfeld indo-china -- Yes, I'm so excited. I can't wait to do it. For the full details our website, Go get to it right away.

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{"duration":"8:10","description":"Whether you are having a date night, black tie affair or a stay-at-home pajama party, \"GMA\" style contributor Jessica Mulroney shares her top looks to ring in 2019. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60047345","title":"The ultimate New Year's looks for any party","url":"/GMA/Style/video/ultimate-years-party-60047345"}