How women 50 and over are making their mark as influencers

These influencers are sharing everything from fashion and beauty tips to life advice.
5:03 | 04/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How women 50 and over are making their mark as influencers
Now to our series, the influencers, this morning meeting the new generation of influencers taking over social media. Women in their prime. Sharing advice on fashion, wellness and life. Take a look. From finance to fashion, gen Z and millenial influencers figured out the formula for If you have good handwriting you can get paid for it. Reporter: But a new age of influencers have officially As a woman over 50, there are four things that I know. Reporter: They're coming in hot. This influencer says over 50, it accelerated during the pandemic. I think we're seeing this rise in older influencers as a time when we've been craving authenticity. All different ages are seeking out real content made by real people that they can actually identify with. You've got a big wrinkle this is for you. Reporter: While older influencers have taken over our feeds, they've also got the attention of big brands like lululemon and Nike too. This generation has like a crazy amount of spending power. Boomers are actually 12 times wealthier than millenials and they account for over 55% of U.S. Spending. Reporter: With age comes wisdom. If I didn't stop treating myself like the queen I am, nobody is going to do it for me. Queen indeed. Let's meet three popular influencers, Barbara Alec, Angie Schmitt and Melissa Neill. Thanks for joining us and Barbara, you're a style expert with more than 200,000 followers. Your motto, live your life with style. One thing you're asked most often, how should I dress for my shape? What's your advice? Yeah, for sure, so if you have a rectangular body shape, your goal would be to create curves much like an hourglass. We have an example of a green dress with shoulder pads. The shoulder pads are going to draw the eyes up and create width at the shoulders. The belting of the dress is going to minimize the waist and that's your creating shape. If you have a triangular body shape your goal is to visually balance your narrow upper body with wider lower body. We have a ruffled top and what it does draws the eye up and creates volume at the upper body and then the pants, the dark pants minimize the hip answer also balance the hips out. Now if you have an hourglass body shape your goal is to visually balance and keep it between your upper body and your lower body. You want to minimize your waist and also want to elongate. So in our example we have a fitted top with a v-neck. That's long gaits and follows the contours of the body nicely and wide leg high waisted pant, they draw attention to the waist and then the longer the pants are, the more they elongate. Angie, you're known as hot and flashy. Maintain a little hotness in your hot flash years. You have a million followers. Many asked you about enhancing beauty in the way that suits their age. What do you tell them? Well, you know, as we age gravity tends to pull our faces down a little bit so what we want to do is lift using makeup. So one of the best ways to do that is use a little bronzer underneath your cheeks, you want that to be soft and well blended and then you want to without your plush a little higher on the cheekbone rather than in the front drawing it forward and that will really make your cheeks pop. And then another great tip is to use much less concealer than you normally would and so you want to just put a little triangular area of concealer right at the inner corner where you have discolorations under your eye and blend it out underneath the rest of your eye so you have much less concealer out at the crow's foot area so it doesn't settle in your wrinkles as much. Great advice there. We'll bring in Melissa Neill. Your motto, never too late to get in shape. You have important don'ts for women 50 and over. What are they? So the first thing is don't take your calories too low. I mean under 1300 calories. Because what that is going to do is damage your metabolism and our metabolism over 50 is already slow, because of the aging process and depleting hormones, and then the second wrong thing to do is to do too much cardio so I recommend taking it under 30 minutes three or four times a week or even better, take up strength training because building muscle is going to help us burn fat even when we're just sitting around doing nothing, Michael. I appreciate you three so much. Thank you for that great advice. We know our viewers are going to enjoy that. Thank you so much. Have a great morning.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"These influencers are sharing everything from fashion and beauty tips to life advice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77062353","title":"How women 50 and over are making their mark as influencers","url":"/GMA/Style/video/women-50-making-mark-influencers-77062353"}