Find Out More About Mother/Inventors

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and moms solve problems every day. In honor of Mother's Day, "Good Morning America" Weekend launched its Mothers of Invention Challenge, in search of the next great innovation.

You can find out more about entering the Mothers of Invention Challenge by clicking on the link below.

Three inventor moms appeared on "GMA" Weekend to talk about their inventions.

Denise Marshall invented the Mac & Cool, a special dish that cools hot food fast. For more information, visit

Keri Holmgren invented the Comfaset, a cover that keeps your baby's car seat cool when not in use. For more information, visit

Tamara Monosoff invented the TP Saver, a device that "baby-proofs" your toilet paper by keeping your kids and pets from unrolling the roll. You can find out more about the TP Saver at

Monosoff also is the founder and chief executive officer of Mom Inventors, Inc. and told "GMA" that the best way to invent a successful new product is to have an idea that solves a common problem in a creative way.

For more information on Mom Inventors, Inc., you can visit its Web site,, by Clicking Here.