Best layover ever: Woman shocked when boyfriend surprises her on flight and proposes

Her boyfriend appeared in the aisle and popped the question on board.

Emily Weindorf officially had the best layover of all time.

Weindorf, 24, was on a layover in Chicago on Feb. 12 on her way back home from a five-week international physician's assistant rotational program in Peru.

Waiting for her flight to take off, the medical student was shocked when her boyfriend, 28-year-old Nick Boucher, appeared in the aisle and got down on one knee to propose.

The couple, who shared mutual friends and started dating in June 2019, celebrated by posing for pictures in the cockpit before takeoff.

Boucher arranged the in-flight surprise with Southwest in January. Before Weindorf even left for Peru, he set his "pretty elaborate" plan into motion to surprise her.

"I called it 'The Gift,'" he told ABC News. "I had known pretty early on that this was the girl I was going to marry."

Concerned about the distance, Boucher sent Weindorf off to Peru with many little gifts, including a custom crossword puzzle.

Each morning Boucher would email her a clue and the answer was either a word or a phase relating to parts of their relationship. Whether it was reminiscing on a date or a favorite movie, Boucher said he wanted to remind Weindorf of the memories they shared together.

"I had no idea it would lead to a proposal," she said. "The notes, crossword puzzle, and videos were all leading up to the word and phrase 'regalo' which means gift in Spanish. I thought I had opened the end of the gift in Peru, but unbeknownst to me, the gift was culminating in the proposal."

Boucher surprised Weindorf on the plane and handed her the final gift -- a box with a clue of "regalo" to open the codex and find the ring.

The moment Weindorf opened the ring box, Boucher dropped down on one knee to propose.

The couple said they want to tie the knot this July.