Weekend Window: Key Largo, Fla.

Key Largo, Fla., is the northernmost island of the Florida Keys island chain, and is about an hour's drive from South Florida's two major airports.

"Key Largo is just beautifully scenic because you're always near the water," Ronnie Harris of the Kona Kai Resort told "Good Morning America Weekend Edition."

"The water around here changes color every single day, sometimes every hour," Kona Kai's Joe Harris said. "And green is not green when you get to Key Largo. Green is so many shades of green that you can't really count them."

Key Largo is a great place to watch migratory birds, according to locals.

"Key Largo is on the migration path for every bird that's going from the north to the south, and then again from the south back to the north," Joe Harris said. "Down here, everything is beautiful."

The water and the scenery is what many believe calls people to the area.

"I think most of the people who have come here have a love of the sea," underwater photographer Stephen Frink said. "That's probably what hooks us all."

Ronnie Harris agreed.

"Diving in Key Largo is just phenomenal," she said. "We are the only living coral reef off the coastal United States, and it's just absolutely beautiful."

The coral reef also makes Key Largo a great place for diving.

"When you're diving in really good, clear water, it's almost like you're suspended in midair," said Pat Wells of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. "All the colors of the fish and the corals … that mix together can just be awe-inspiring."

For more information about Key Largo, visit this Web site: www.fla-keys.com.