Explore New Zealand’s first net positive eco retreat

An American couple’s resort in New Zealand produces so much clean energy that it actually “adds” electricity to the grid.
3:52 | 12/26/19

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Transcript for Explore New Zealand’s first net positive eco retreat
amazing story behind one American couple's impressive green getaway resort in new it was named by "Time" magazine as this year's world's 1,100 greatest places and it produces so much clean energy, get this. It adds electricity to the grid. Paula Faris got to take a tour. Let's take a look. Reporter: New Zealand, a mystical island nation that draws millions of tourists every year. From high above, you get a better sense of diversity of the land. Just 40 miles north of queenstown, you'll find this. The idyllic town where multitasking means walking a horse and stroller at the same time. And tucked here behind the magnificent mountains is the ultimate green getaway. Here we are, everybody. Welcome to camp glenorchy. It's the first net positive and accommodation campground. It's setting a new standard for sustainable retreats. It's positive, and it means that we produce more electricity than we consume, and give it back to the national grid. Instead of taking, you're giving. Absolutely. Reporter: Opening just last year, the camp boasts two cabins and six bunks. Going green doesn't have to break the bank. Oh, this is charming. Each cabin has two of these rooms with the bunker in the I get the top bunk. You get the top bunk? Yeah. There you go. The beds are comfortable too. Oh yeah. This is a little higher end. It is indeed. This is nice. It's roomier. Absolutely. This one has a little bit of higher level of furnishing, and we can use this to read a book. I love you. Reporter: All the rooms are controlled by iPad. Guests are able to change parameters like the temperature of the room, the length of their shower in realtime, and see how much power they're saving and going back to the national grid. Reporter: It was started by philanthropists Paul and Debbie brainer. They moved to New Zealand 23 years ago. We fell in love with the people, and we also fell in love with the gorgeous landscapes. Reporter: They began spending winters in New Zealand after Paul was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease over 12 years ago. I was driving home from town one day after getting the mail and I saw the campground which had been really run down for many years, and for some reason, it said to me, I think you should buy me and put the tlc into it. Reporter: Paul agreed and the couple ended up purchaing the land in 2015. Three years later, camp glenorchy was born. One of the things we hope people will take away is the opportunity to learn about sustainable design for their own homes or even in their businesses. We believe a lot of the beauty of the place is what sets us apart. Reporter: You can see the beauty of local artwork and craft space with function. It looks like paint. That's what it is. We try to feature art that uses upcycled materials. This is a heavy door. It is. Bye. Reporter: More than 500 solar panels power the entire facility. It also uses a wetland system from six showers and washing machines. This is a natural filter right That's exactly what it is. Reporter: But of course, it wouldn't be a camp if it didn't have this one particular feature. The only thing we're missing are marshmallows. You can't have a camp without a campfire. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Paula Faris, glenorchy, New Zealand. That's really cool, and Paula Faris approved.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"An American couple’s resort in New Zealand produces so much clean energy that it actually “adds” electricity to the grid. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67929609","title":"Explore New Zealand’s first net positive eco retreat","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/explore-zealands-net-positive-eco-retreat-67929609"}