Secret tricks to hack fall and holiday travel

According to the website cheapoair there will be a four-week period starting at the end of August in which airfares will be at their lowest.
2:18 | 08/23/19

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Transcript for Secret tricks to hack fall and holiday travel
We are back with a consumer alert. You will want to pay attention. It is known as cheap flight day. Time to book flights and will reeve is here with tricks that could save us all a lot of cash. I'll get you figured out. Travel demand at an all time high. Record 11.9 million people traveled during this year's fourth of July weekend alone. As the summer winds down now might be the exact perfect time to save big. It seems like there is an unofficial holiday for everything. National flip-flop day, national bubble wrap appreciation day and now national cheap flight delay. The fare $12700. I have my driver's license and I have a 20. Reporter: According to one website today marks the start of a four-week period where airfare will be at its lowest meaning this could be the time to start looking into booking your winter getaways. The end of August is what starts what we call the fall shoulder season. That's a season of low travel demand. Because people have gone back to school, there's not a lot of demand for vacations, so airlines have to adjust prices to make sure that they can still sell seats on planes which means great deals. At the end of November we start to see prices spike around the winter holidays. Reporter: Traveling in the states, experts say you can see prices drop by 20%. Travelers to Europe can see savings up to around 35%. Here's one way to help ensure big savings, shop during the week. Most people put off searching until the weekend when there are fewer deals and use technology to plan ahead. Mobile flight tracking apps like hopper allow you to choose a destination and then the app pings you when the lowest prices become available. Here are a couple other tips to make sure you get the lowest prices. You got to be flexible if you're traveling, look for flights maybe not on the day you want to go but labor day, fly Saturday morning instead of Friday or if you're going to let's see what I have here, if you're going -- the destination of choice, maybe there's somewhere a little further away but cheaper -- Different airport. Yeah. I got a whole list but I just gave you two. Very good tips.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"According to the website cheapoair there will be a four-week period starting at the end of August in which airfares will be at their lowest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65144702","title":"Secret tricks to hack fall and holiday travel","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/secret-tricks-hack-fall-holiday-travel-65144702"}