Tips to book travel for a quick getaway

Travel expert Jessica Nabongo explains ways to get deals on your next vacation.
2:41 | 01/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tips to book travel for a quick getaway
How you can score last-minute leisure. Martin Luther king Jr. Day is fast approaching. And it's not too late to book travel for a quick getaway. Here with all the tips and deals you need to hit that road, someone who's visited every single country in the world. This is amazing. Jessica nabonga, that's true, by the way. It's true. I was quizzing her. We've both been to Uzbekistan. Yes. I'm surprised to hear that. Tashkent, lovely in the spring, by the way. A lot of people, though -- let's get right to the deals here. A lot of people think to score big deals, if you go at the last minute, you can get in trouble, but that's not always the case, right? You can always find deals, tons of websites we'll learn today to help you save upon to book for next weekend. First of all here, should you focus on the deal or the destination? I always say focus on the deal and not the destination. So if you remain flexible, you can find something. I love sky scanner. So with sky scanner you can put in your location. We're going to say Los Angeles Pulling it up here live as we go. Yes, and you can click everywhere. Put in your dates again next weekend, martin Luther king weekend. Let's see what we find. This is a real test of our wi-fi on live TV. No pressure. No pressure. Look, here you go. Boom. So there's a ton of international options but let's look at the U.S. 73 bucks. Look, we can go to Vegas. Las Vegas! It's only $73 round trip. Enough money to gamble. Absolutely. Dallas. We can do a little ski trip to Denver for $97 round trip, again, this is for next weekend. Those are really good deals. Also important for people to think about, comparing miles to dollars can be -- make a big difference. Yes, it always makes a difference. Just a couple weeks ago I was trying to find a flight back from Ghana, west Africa to Detroit but the ticket was $3,700. I clicked over to the miles, 160,000 miles. So I saved almost 4 grand. So I love award hacker. It's a website that shows you all the airlines and different miles. On your preferred airline website, you can toggle between dollars and miles to quickly see the difference. And then lastly, don't forget about credit card points. Some of us never think about it but always check back. That can help you save. By the way I love how you say you were traveling back from Ghana to add to your credibility on this whole thing. Timing is everything. That includes days of the week, the best days to buy. Absolutely. So the best days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays. That's when you're going to save the most money. And the best thing to do is to buy those early morning flights nobody wants to wake up for is where you can save money. Jessica, thanks so much. Really important information. We truly appreciate it. Jessica, you can get all of her information on her great travel blog. You can learn more about that on our website as well. Dan, over to you.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Travel expert Jessica Nabongo explains ways to get deals on your next vacation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68214813","title":"Tips to book travel for a quick getaway","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/tips-book-travel-quick-getaway-68214813"}