Here's where to travel to in 2020

Frommer's editorial director Pauline Frommer shares where to go to get the most bang from your vacation buck this year.
3:55 | 01/01/20

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Transcript for Here's where to travel to in 2020
the hottest places to travel in the new year. There are thousands of destinations we can all choose from all over the world so brought in the expert, Pauline Frommer. Welcome. This is about getting the most bang for your buck. The whole list changed. The list changes every year. We have frommers' journalists embedded all over the globe. Which are affordable and not too overtouristed and we have a twist. We are going to give one guess city nation to the public to choose so we are going to poll people online to choose the 20th destination That's great. I want to talk about one of your main picks. Bahamas, easy for us to get to. Why do you love it so much. Everybody knows one of the worst hurricanes in human history hit the Bahamas that has led to a pr disaster because people assume wrongly that the entire chain of islands is closed, not the case. These are 700 islands. Over 100,000 square miles. They could use the business. And it's going to be cheap this year because people don't know to go there. Not only that but just been refurbished. I was just there and you can't believe the work that's been highly recommend we all get on that. Definitely, definitely. Where else? You've got a favorite spot, domestically which surprised me. Indiana has surprise hidden gems. Indiana. Indianapolis is such a fun city. Indianapolis is turning 200 this year. Happy birthday, indy. It's a culturally rich city, incredible culinary scene. Interesting history. There is a woman named madam walker, the first black female millionairess and her center is re-opening and a Netflix series starring Octavia Spencer. We think a lot will want to go there and the newest national park is in Indiana. A ton -- great live music. Food. Highly recommend it. I went to college in the northwest of Indiana, the dunes. If you want to go abroad and off the beaten path, tell us. In Italy there is a region called Amelia Romano. If you're a foodie, you want to go there. The city of parliament Sean cheese and an amazing place to go and saying go to Peru, not the inca trail. Millions do that. Instead there is a place called the Indian villages, the incredible rainbow mountain. It's just an amazing place to go. Cheaper and less expensive. That one place, the bucket list trip. The pole, the north and south pole. I did not see that coming. Of course, ginger -- Because of our climate changing, we are seeing that area of the world drastically changing so if you've ever wanted to see it, now is the time. There are dozens of new boats going there and new routes because the ice is melting. You want to go with an eco conscious company but, wow, what an incredible adventure. That's great advice. I am actually sold. I never thought I would say I would like to go to the poles. Plans are being made. For more on Frommer's best places to travel in 2020 and how you can help select the readers' choices go to Come on, help us out. I love your list.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Frommer's editorial director Pauline Frommer shares where to go to get the most bang from your vacation buck this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68017562","title":"Here's where to travel to in 2020","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/travel-2020-68017562"}