Bride's Guide: Q&A for the Big Day

In 48 hours I will be married.

After all the wedding planning and preparation, we're down to the minor details. But those minor details can add up.

My advice to fellow brides: take a few days off from work before your wedding to preserve your sanity.

Here's what I'm doing while I'm not at work today -- it encompasses elements of everything I've learned from Mindy Weiss in the last 30 days and everything I've done in the last 365 days rolled into one:

Sleep late (my mom, the amatuer wedding planner, says it's important to get lots of rest and concentrate on not getting sick).

Eat breakfast (remember to stick to things you usually eat, says Mindy).

Go for a jog (exercise is stress-reducing)!

Get a massage (even more stress-reducing)!

Pack for the honeymoon (sorry, Mindy, I know I was supposed to have done this already).

Pack my emergency kit.

Walk around in my wedding shoes some more.

Deliver table cards, guest book and seating chart to the reception venue.

Write final pre-honeymoon batch of thank-you notes!

Wrap gifts for the bridal party.

Finalize the wedding-day timeline.

Practice the first dance.

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