What is Love? A History of Love in 3 Minutes

We've done political campaigns, the history of debates and the decade all in 3 minutes. Next up? Love. It's Valentine's Day. Maybe you got a card, a kiss, or a cuddle. Or maybe you are just scratching your head wondering what the big deal is about this whole thing anyway? What is this love?

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The Beatles say it's "all you need," but they also say you can't buy it. So how the heck are you supposed to get it?

The J. Giels Band says it stinks, Elvis Presley says it's tender (as opposed to what, chewy?). And HBO says it's Big.

Where should you look for examples? Ben and Gwen? Ben and Jen? Or Brad and Gwen or Brad and Jen?

What exactly does love mean? (Besides never having to say you're sorry.)

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What does the Wizard of Oz know about love that Lloyd Dobler never figured out? Why are Ron and Hermione happier than Rhett and Scarlett.

The questions are simply endless -- like Endless Love.

John Berman explains love in three minutes: WATCH IT HERE.