Train like a New York City police officer with these at-home workout moves

Try these three workout moves that can be done anywhere.

New York City police officers have to be at the top of their game physically and they’re not doing it by eating doughnuts in a neighborhood diner.

One New York Police Department (NYPD) officer has made it his mission to break the stereotype of out-of-shape cops eating doughnuts.

Officer Mike Counihan, 33, hosts group fitness classes for cops in New York City. They do a workout that you can do at home, too.

“A lot of the workouts are calisthenics and body weight workouts which don't require equipment and can be done at home, especially for those who have limited time for working out,” he told “Good Morning America.”

The NYPD workouts feature functional training exercises that help them respond to emergencies. However, these exercises are just as practical for people not out saving lives, according to Counihan, who shares his workouts on Instagram at @nodonutshere.

“It is things that anyone can realistically be asked to do in their daily lives without having to be first responders,” he said. “God forbid you find yourself at a car accident scene and you're able to drag people to safety, that's training that can be valuable for everyone.”

Counihan and his fellow NYPD officers appeared on “GMA” to share their workout.

Here are four NYPD-approved moves that can be done at home with no equipment.

1. Jump squats

This explosive movement builds both cardiovascular endurance and leg strength. Aim for 30-seconds and build up to one-minute rounds.

Emergency personnel use this move to prepare for something like running up multiple flights of stairs with gear on.

2. Lateral hops

Lateral hops develop core and leg strength, which are the foundation of your fitness goals, according to Counihan. Aim for 30-seconds and build up to one-minute rounds.

3. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers focus on core and provide some upper body strength, too, Counihan explained.

4. V-sit

To focus solely on core strength, do a v-st by raising your arms and legs, outstretched, off the floor. Hold the position in a static hold or move your hands towards your feet and back down.

Bonus tip: Include a balance of both cardiovascular training and strength training in your exercise routine so you'll be prepared for everything.