Get back to healthy eating after the holidays by ‘Breaking Up With Sugar’

End your relationship with sweets with the help of a new book.
3:21 | 12/30/19

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Transcript for Get back to healthy eating after the holidays by ‘Breaking Up With Sugar’
Now as you get ready for the new year, how to make a resolution to get back to healthy eating after the holidays. "Breaking up with sugar" takes a look at how to fix your relationship with sweets. I think we all need help with that. I know I do. Adrienne sat down with the Especially approaching this time of year a lot of us try to give up the desserts, right, as we try to get more fit. The woman you're about to meet says she can do that and found that life is sweeter without sugar. For three decades addictions and eating disorder therapist Molly Carmel said she had a toxic relationship with food. My first diet at 7. Reporter: She tried and failed at weight loss having gastric bypass surgery. At her heaviest, 325 pounds. The thing I never looked at mostly because I didn't want to was my relationship with sugar. It numbed me. Nurtured me and the breakup was necessary. Reporter: Her new book, "Breaking up with sugar" reveals a plan to eliminate that sweet five-letter word. I had less cravings. I was releasing weight. You know, emotionally my mood was better. I was more hopeful and the same exact thing was happening with the people that I was treating. You release shame. You release old stories. It's really important that we examine some plaintiffs we hold about food and make a decision if they're really true. There was one I loved which was if I don't eat sugar then I'm boring. Right. Because I'm not going to have any fun. What if you gave it up? Maybe you would be more fun. Reporter: The goal live life every day sugar-free. Start with a two-month commitment. For some people there's a fear in forever as you write. Yes, forever is a really long time but, you know, we make so many new year's resolutions and by January 14th we failed again and that does something to a spirit. In my clinic I find around that two-month mark is where people start to see the real results like and actually they don't want to go back. You don't have a diet. In fact, you say divorce your Oh, my. America's obsession with compulsive dieting may be as bad as our problems with sugar. Reporter: She calls her approach a relationship rebuild plan resetting the way we think about food. Can we have fruit? Of course. Fruit is made from nature. When you give up all the other sugars you will be so surprised how sweet an apple is. It's really true. Not as sweet as birthday cake. But maybe not a bad idea to look at your relationship with birthday cake if you're saying you can't give it up. Speak to me as somebody on the other side of that 325 pounds, are you happy with the woman you are today. I look at these pictures of myself when I was this chunky little 7-year-old girl and I want to take her in a hug and I want to say it's going to be better than you ever imagined. I promise. Now, there are a few other things to keep in mind like on this plan you can't have any gluten flour so no bread. More rolls? No pasta. Yeah, I know. She suggests the fifth ingredient rule. If sugar is the fifth ingredient or less on your food label it's fair game. The book "Breaking up with sugar" is out tomorrow. Have fruit, yes. I asked about birthday cake. I have a "Gma" moment that requires tissues so grab them

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"End your relationship with sweets with the help of a new book. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67979494","title":"Get back to healthy eating after the holidays by ‘Breaking Up With Sugar’","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/back-healthy-eating-holidays-breaking-sugar-67979494"}