How one couple got fit and fabulous during quarantine

Darrin Rahn and Romelle Morris decided to make simple changes to take control of their diet, exercise and mental health, resulting in stunning transformations.
3:46 | 08/07/20

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Transcript for How one couple got fit and fabulous during quarantine
Well, time now for the finale of our incredible and inspiring quaran-lean series. A New York City couple decided to make simple, daily changes for some amazing results. Take a look. It shouldn't take a global pandemic to prioritize your health wake-up call. Watching the news and seeing that asthma was high risk and obesity was high risk. Reporter: 30-year-old romelle Morris committed to making a life saving change. I think the biggest change mentally is believing that you can lose weight. Reporter: Romelle and his partner Darren worked to create a healthier lifestyle together. How did they do it? A holistic approach, focusing on diet and mental health. It was small changes in eating and then layering on exercise and it was one change after another, day after day. Reporter: The couple losing over 80 pounds combined in just five months and they're joining us now for their big reveal. So we have seen the daily changes Darrin and romelle have made in their lives. This is them before. Now, after five months of hard work, take a look at Darrin and romelle's amazing 80 pound loss transformation. Wow. That is absolutely incredible. We're so happy to have them live with us now. Congratulations to both of you. You look amazing. I love that you did this together. Every step of the way, but what initially motivated you to start it? Yeah, we were sheltering in place at home, cooking all of our meals anyway and we just had the conversation what if we tried to cook a little healthier and lose a few pounds in quarantine? We both wanted to lose weight for a long time. I have been fat my entire life so it was never a better time to prioritize our health. We bought an under desk treadmill so we could stretch our legs in our tiny New York apartment and we started to count the calories with the goal of losing four pounds in a month. The benefit of doing it as a couple we kept each other accountable. You can motivate each other. Romelle, what is the best piece of advice that you would give to someone looking to jump start their own fitness your enough? One, do what's right for you. We like to play video games and explore New York. So our exercise is not training for America, but finding new neighborhoods to explore and walking on the treadmill. The second piece, don't forget your mental health. Treat yourself, maybe not to a cake. Maybe a new bag. You said using simple swaps, tell me about that. Absolutely. We both love to eat and the idea of a fad diet or a crash diet wasn't going to work for us. So we wanted to keep eating meat, but just on the side. Like instead of eating French fries and Mac and cheese, think of roasted vegetables and fruit. We were able to find foods that we love. Well, you guys look great. You feel great. You sound great. So what's a next? I think for both of us, like we get -- haters are always saying, are you going to keep the weight off, is this short term? We couldn't be more happy to keep it -- I mean, we remain committed. We'll keep the active lifestyle. You might see us skiing or taking a fitness trip. You're inspiring everyone out there who's watching, so thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Darrin Rahn and Romelle Morris decided to make simple changes to take control of their diet, exercise and mental health, resulting in stunning transformations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72231591","title":"How one couple got fit and fabulous during quarantine","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/couple-fit-fabulous-quarantine-72231591"}