How to use fats and oils for healthy hair, skin

Dermatologist Whitney Bowe explains the key skincare ingredients to look out for and how household items like olive and coconut oil improve your skin and hair.
4:27 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for How to use fats and oils for healthy hair, skin
Back now with our winter beauty 101. Thanksgiving just ended. If you are thinking about avoiding fat to make up for the intake on Turkey day, think again. With the cold weather and wind your skin, your hair needs fat more than ever. Dr. Whitney Bowe was explaining it to me and here with best tips ever. Right. I can still feel like I'm taking fat on. Fats are absolutely essential when it comes to skin care during the winter. You want to look for rich, creamy products that have ingredients like ceramides and cholesterol and fat si acid. They will replenish the fats your skin needs all winter long. Look for those ingredients. There are products in our home. I love olive oil for winter skin. It's naturally rich in vitamin E and polyphenols and I brought one of my favorite products that contains olive oil. You just shake it up and disperses the shimmering particles into the olive oil and beautiful Gina donating her arm to the cause. Just a couple drops go a long way. It gives you that beautiful glow that's perfect for holiday season. It looks like it's rich and moisturizing. You can totally do it at home. Take your olive oil right from your kitchen counter, throw it into a little travel size container, leave a little room at the top and if you have shimmering eye shadow or shimmering highlighter just take that with a fork and you basically just brush it onto a piece of paper. Take that paper and use it like a funnel to add it to your olive oil. Shake it right up and then you have your own DIY shimmering body oil for your other arm. Rub that in and take a look. She just released her inner god des. Everybody has that extra eye shadow that's a little too frosty. This is the perfect thing to do with it. Coconut oil another great product. Not that crazy about it for the skin. So coconut oil can break out my patients who are acne prone but I love it when it comes to protecting your hair so new science, Lara, shows that wet hair is weak hair so when your hair gets wet, when you're in the shower your hair absorbs water and your hair expands and pushes open that protective cuticle so turns out coconut oil can protect your hair from that water damage and from that breakage. You brought a product that you love. This is a prewash spray and you can spray it right onto your hair before you get wet. Before you get in the shower. We put leave in conditioners on after. This is before the damage is done and game changing. I'm sure you agree. You think it's the blow dryer or curling iron. You're saying getting it wet. Water fatigue. New Neri, water damage. You're from Hawaii, right, Mallory so she's probably feeling the dryness now that you're here in New York. You can do this yourself. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil. You know you have to melt it down and put it in the microwave for a minute and add it to a shaker bottle and add water and do you mind if I spray it into the ends. What's the ratio. One to one. One tablespoon of coconut oil to one tablespoon of water. Our shaker body is not cooperating. This is a simple way to get moisture all over your body. Cool mist humidifier. My secret weapon all winter long and they now come with essential oil trays so I throw in lavender oil. One of the best things you can do. The dry heat dries out the air so that steals moisture from your skin, from your hair. Why not warm mist? It's actually safer so I have a 7-year-old at home. If she comes and accidentally knocks over a hot humidifier it will be dangerous. If you love your essential oils which I do look for one that has an essential oils tray. Never add it to the tank. It can clog the motor. Thank you so much, Dr. Whitney Bowe, always so great to have you here. Really simple, helpful. Get the fat going again and we

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Dermatologist Whitney Bowe explains the key skincare ingredients to look out for and how household items like olive and coconut oil improve your skin and hair.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59441109","title":"How to use fats and oils for healthy hair, skin","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/eating-healthy-fats-skin-59441109"}