Some employers offer fertility benefits to cover the cost of IVF

"GMA" spoke to a woman who was able to have part of the cost of her IVF treatment covered by her employer.
3:37 | 02/08/19

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Transcript for Some employers offer fertility benefits to cover the cost of IVF
Nobody that I get the job series this morning we'll look at how companies are handling fertility growing number adding IVF coverage to their benefits packages as more workers seek it out in their job search. Back in terms here with the defense had a person to see your baby's going to be well maybe. Here good morning George good to CO dad this is a struggle that millions of American women are facing infertility. A single round of IVF can cost upwards of 20000. Dollars. And it's often requiring more than just one try that staggering price can prevent a lot of women from getting the help they need. This morning men and women are making the search for IVF treatments part of the job hunt especially as employers make fertility benefits covering part or some of the cost of IVF treatment. More comment. A worst case scenario start playing in the back of their mind Mike my not going to be able to be a mom. 29 year old Hayley burns and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for eighteen months. It was devastating a lot of the times it's a lot of heart ache when birds realize she would need IVF she begin your research companies that offered coverage. Each and so you're quoted anywhere from thirteen thousand to eighteen house and and that's a huge expense for any family I want to work for a company that cares about its employees cares about these you know female issues. And decides to have that type of coverage. And this type of insurance benefit is becoming more common. According to a survey from the fertility information website fertility IQ. Over 400 US companies offer benefits for fertility treatment. Some of the best company benefits from Starbucks offering part time employees coverage after just one month on the job. Bank of America at Tesla and Spotify are just some of the many employers that now offer unlimited IVF coverage to their workers. Asked fur Healy with a little digging she discovered that the company she already worked for Sharpe health care had a good fertility plan. He's it's obviously a company that cares about their employees and finding out that my company and what they offered. With so much better than their competitors out there meaning stay with the company. It makes a big difference in the vast majority of employees who receive these fertility benefits from their employer. Report feeling a greater sense of loyalty and commitment to their company as a result in Georgia have to say. I wouldn't be here today without these IVF treatments I wouldn't be in this position today without these treatments it's so personal. It's so important for women across America how it seats certainly is and how do you find out if your company as she offers of that. So the best thing you want to do is call up your insurance provider whenever insurance are getting through your company and asked them what fertility benefits they offer. One thing I would recommend is not just looking at your own insurance but your partner's insurance because in some cases that's going to be a better benefit than the one you're getting from your company. And they are also different plans so sometimes switching plans make sense in you wanna do that. At the time of year when maps available Yemen is there any alternative the finding your company doesn't offer the benefits you can you don't use don't have the money from the and this is the thing. I mean it is thousands of dollars Georgian this prevents a lot of people from getting help they need one thing I would recommend is you can negotiate so when your going out. Talking to these various fertility providers negotiate look at the drug prices because different pharmacies. Offered different drug prices and they can get upwards of thousands of dollars as well. And finally. There are a number of grants and organizations that offer scholarships around this checked that out and talk to me I want to help people I really do in the tweet me I wanna help people access three Q but after your maternity leave it's come at a very good record. Beckett thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"\"GMA\" spoke to a woman who was able to have part of the cost of her IVF treatment covered by her employer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60932906","title":"Some employers offer fertility benefits to cover the cost of IVF ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/employers-offer-fertility-benefits-cover-cost-ivf-60932906"}