How to fix your winter skin woes

“GMA” sponsor Olay teams up with a celebrity makeup artist to help viewers tackle dry and dull winter skin.
2:42 | 03/01/21

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Transcript for How to fix your winter skin woes
. This harsh winter weather isn't great for our skin. It can make it very dry and look dull. This segment is sponsored by Olay and we asked a celebrity makeup artist to help our viewers tackle their winter skin woes. Bone-chilling temperatures can be tough on our bodies. Winter is so hard I get slight discoloration on the back of my hand. I just want it to be as moisturized as it is in the summer. Reporter: Some of you sharing your dry skin dilemmas. The secret is hydration. One of the few simple steps you can have fun, dewy skin. Reporter: We turn to Mally roncal who is also a spokesperson for Olay and has tips on how to keep the glow all year long. First up the battle with dry air. Hi, I'm Amelia and I moved here from the caribbean and notice my skin gets so dry in the winter. Do you have any suggestions? A humidifier is going to do the trick. The forced heat and the coal air, it makes your skin so dry and tight. So you nd to put that moisture back into the air and back into your skin. You want to make this a great spa moment too, honey, all you got to do, take some essential oil and put it in the water and all of a sudden you're relaxed. Reporter: Next, the temperature matters. I'm Lauren from Buffalo. I force myself to go outside on cold, chilly walks and when I come in, I usually take a hot shower. I'm wondering if this is helping or hurting my dry skin. The truth is it's robbing your skin of all of its moisture. Take the heat down just a little bit and it will make a difference. How about trying a creamy cleanser as your soap. It is going to moisturize and clean your skin. Reporter: And finally, change up your nighttime routine. I'm, I'm Edie, what can I do to minimize wrinkles. Hydration at night is the key. I like to use a sheet mask before bed and let's be honest it's a fierce instagramable moment and don't forget there is a little bit of product left in the envelope of that sheet mask so you might want to use that on your hands and feet. But the real secret is a great moisturizer that will lock it in all night long. Fragrance free Olay retinol 24 max is fantastic because it visibly smooths your wrinkles and evens your tone so you'll wake up with some radiant skin but don't forget you got to moisturize in the morning too. Add these few simple steps to your routine and trust me, your skin will be ready for spring. Sometimes I'm just excited that I actually wash my face at night. Those were great tips so thank you. Now I think we're all ready for spring.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"“GMA” sponsor Olay teams up with a celebrity makeup artist to help viewers tackle dry and dull winter skin. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76177979","title":"How to fix your winter skin woes","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/fix-winter-skin-woes-76177979"}