Grab your partner and try this Valentine's Day couples workout

Engaged trainers Bree Branker and CJ Koegel share moves to do together.
4:25 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for Grab your partner and try this Valentine's Day couples workout
I doesn't industry let anything get together we go about every day we just patting me yeah Atlanta. We're trainers in New York City and when you work that you do and where. We partner Valentine's. For you as a. Thanks Paul all you need is a small hands how all about getting into my position shoulders they had evidence corn super tightly tight. Everybody has their right in on Allen stays where you're trying to open up your fifth and we're just gonna fall you gonna resist. And then Aaron let's make it as hard as possible. I mean exercise partner wine is going to be laying down. I think you're right about this excitement and bald on my painful. And then and ask him to bring his legs up now this partner meet needs to be super sturdy super strong core and we've engaged because you're gonna start to top his flag. His goal is not to hit the floor with his feats. And so you can very up which direction you pass that he cast or react. I gracing his car this is fun. I've done this one reason I come into a plea petition. You're gonna go down into the Pacific and work her chest that back all the good stuff. I launched myself over and back when I come back she comes up back down the most of them back down. I'm back over there are working from nativity here we're working our upper. Bodies have been very active pack that can detect it before. Ominous start and playing I'm and put my hands on brief scene but this is going to be with you know pulled her down like some guys that are current come out. Kids if you advocate the person or in this is great we're both activating a core. Because I'm in the plank and activate myself. I've. Flea season. Detail blown down actually get that. Seventeen muscles in the case where is justice. Different I think you gonna leave this house floor. Everybody is working in the funds if you're the partner that kneeling like me you gonna grab underneath the towel like this that I you can. Oh the talent towards you. You really have to activate your core and glitz to make sure that that action is happening he's gonna resisting on the way down while he. Biceps curls. And by that drove down the beauty of this when it I'm getting a positive. And then I'm getting the negative side of this team squeezed between them aside activate the court the tibbles is nice and strong position here and then just. Yet after the I expected I think any team wall for it partner line is going to be analogue that making sure that he is really at ninety degrees here dungy. Cheating in relationships and then partnered CO. Benefit their hands on fees and an ethnic strife that since straight parents to fill up super hi Diane make sure you're not using your kids to view as a couple. Some might but you. Does that make sure that it's your aren't your fingers are pointing towards the your those of winning streak back to isolate the back side that iron are you feeling. Good at this a mile away experiment again ninety degrees Wednesday night. Lower back to the wall. I recall this Wendy piggyback swat re going to be my weight she's gonna jump on my. In particular regular squad here all the way down and greets opinions on when you. Painting as the fourth CoreStates. That's basically for the patent to activate the word you. Fred salas from this planet I'm going to be in a plane positions he Cindy holding my feet at the map. So my job is to Stacy first dirty even I don't have my feet on the ground and going personal day passed without opening up my hits you must love this guy I've. Hold a spot back here and it was to bring their hands. Let her feet up to my hands. I'm doing advice that I still hold that in. I'm doing and in my legs in my biceps three soon name her whole body needs. Thinking isn't much for working out with us we hope you enjoyed exercise that you can be anywhere and don't forget everything in moderation Edith. Arianna.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Engaged trainers Bree Branker and CJ Koegel share moves to do together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60958468","title":"Grab your partner and try this Valentine's Day couples workout","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/grab-partner-valentines-day-couples-workout-60958468"}