Important face mask do's and don'ts

Dr. Whitney Bowe helps navigate the options available on the skin care market.
3:21 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Important face mask do's and don'ts
Based snacks that you get a quick blow up but it's important to know how to correctly used bad guy Whitney that was here atop the do's and don'ts. Buying and making face next thank you thank for being with us things more hanging with sir what is she masks so. What are these four and what should we know on the use sheet. Masks are amazing. How to reach in their late trapping moisture in this in. So do you consider using high thirties he has at least once a week if you had dry ice in both ingredients like Listerine high iron castings. Those aren't rate. And the editors whose cat and I think and feel sick pet so. Can you leave attendant she asked on your face overnight and sometimes I follow sleep with one AA gets a great question you don't actually want a policy with one of these on your skin is what can happen is you meet on too long. The mask its health can dry out. And he's actually pull moisture out Peters can't help which the opposite of what are growing far right scene Arnold even on out tens when he next. And when you do take it off. You want and mast itself is still being moist that's a good financial rating managed to his stride out of the bats 3-D IY massive some big trend lots of people are making their out of fossil cheaper for humanity on. Last so I love DIY recipes a lot of these ingredients are having your kitchen. That's when you really care about being drinking or using her knees every hears these are my -- little approved ingredient hundred DIY masks so we've gotten older I love full fat Greek yogurt avocado tiny piece circulation you can. Even mix them together I actually have a great rescuer at all three of these together into one man's victory for acne breakout dry skin. So these are these are my dues money comes digging out. And are their certain greens that we should just avoid yes of those little ones over here he definitely lacked try to avoid things like a lemon juice and vinegar so these ingredients that he hasn't really knew little they're very pathetic. They can actually cause chemical burn on the skin. I have some patients who end up with what's called post and planetary hyper pigmentation. Steen and this in the can land for months because they experimented with feet basically DIY masks with those ingredients don't wanna burn your face small data center little undone during her faceoff when doing a DIY and that what kind of about. Burning an idea brining people that often think that kind of like teen goals are burns whenever they doing now writing asked what should we be looking out I would of these problems I love deal that I love a good frightening mask it's great effort chilled skin it's good for lightening up dark marks it's great for acne prone skin. So these masks these Brighton mass to contain very gentle past adds to things like like Colin cast at galactic gas X with those ingredients he was because gently takes me away. Uppermost deadlier tells me is he back that gorgeous ingredients that gorgeous hello is there and had received an ingredient in independent look out for that acts not. So great to eat what you actual literal account for instance and station if you start to feel like I'm burning or what do you see change. That is a sign it could be actually having a reaction a lot of people think Alex Brink media to working. Tingling is working burning or stinging could be a warning sign they're having a reaction to wash it off right away and just like a little patch test before even use any of these masks. Apply a little bit on your forearm to wait a few minutes of free credit all of your face that you don't get a react yeah Abbott has it looks a lot better here than it that's all it.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Dr. Whitney Bowe helps navigate the options available on the skin care market.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68525878","title":"Important face mask do's and don'ts","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/important-face-mask-dos-donts-68525878"}