Everything you need to know about PCOS

PCOS is the most common and least understood hormonal issue.
4:07 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for Everything you need to know about PCOS
Today we're talking about the most common but least well understand hormonal condition affecting women we're talking PC alas. PC OS this stands for poly cystic ovarian syndrome the way I describe it is it's not a disease. It's a syndrome so it's really an explanation about the way your hormones are working there's a spectrum of similarities so. We're gonna talk about that full spectrum and really everything you need to now about peace CO last. How many women does it affect estimates are anywhere from. 5%. To even upwards of fifty. Teen percent of women he CLS can affect. Teenage girls it can affect women. Really up until the age of manna pie is. I think the good way to think about PC OS is that in general it can affect kind of three organ systems and summit gynecologist we'll start with you my man. Having PC LS can affect a woman's periods now. Affect how. They can be too close together they can be too far apart and just for kicks they can be normal and you can still have PC OS but I want to emphasize. That. Today. With reproductive technology seeing a reproductive endocrinologist or REI specialists. Women with PC OS absolutely. Hand and do get pregnant I always reassure my patients that. While it may take a little extra help. That becoming a biological mother getting pregnant is absolutely possible even if you had PC OS. Second kind of organ system that PC OS can effect is metabolic and for reasons that are very complicated and not well understood yet. We know that women with PC OS have a five to seven times increased risk of developing type two diabetes later in life good nutrition fitness. Very very important. Keeping your weight and a healthy range really critical if you have PC LS. It can be more different called for women with PC OS to metabolize carbohydrates. Are typically being on a lower. Carbohydrate diet will be more beneficial. Two women with PCO as. And the third area or organ system that can be affected with PC OS is what I call other nannies are usually. Effects caused by a high testosterone levels so that means acne. An excessive body hair for women the presence of acting on their back or chest. Is a red flag for PCO asks the good news is there aren't Honda of treatments. For hormonal acne top buckles morals. Birth control pills as a class all lower testosterone levels so over time they all improv act me the other thing that can be seen alive. In women and girls with PC OS is excessive body hair. Now this can be subtle and tricky to diagnosed places to look on women side of their phase there Chan their upper lip and their and their neck. Between the brass around the Nichols from their belly button to their pubic Vaughn and upper inner thigh if there is a lot of hair in any of those areas that can be a sign of peace CO us again in terms of treatment so many options to cranes. Laser birth control pills over time. It will also slow that hair grows. Typically we make that diagnosis based on a number of factors physical exam the history from the patient so what she'll tell us about. Her periods her we eat her skin things like that. Blood tests are very easy way to kind of help complete the picture I will also say that you can't be tested for PC OS. When you're on birth control pills. So. That kind of throws off the whole pictures so. In terms of whether or not you should be tested for it. Routine screening absolutely not recommended it's really only if a woman is having a particular sign symptom or problem that we then go looking for it.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"PCOS is the most common and least understood hormonal issue. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64866194","title":"Everything you need to know about PCOS ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/pcos--64866194"}