September is the new January for fitness

Start your resolution early as Matt Nolan from Barry’s Bootcamp demonstrates a simple workout you can do at home.
2:57 | 09/06/19

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Transcript for September is the new January for fitness
Fall is around the corner, everybody, but before you put away your Somer staple, you may be able to get some more use out of them. We're putting your peach towel and beach ball to use with the help of Matt Nolan from Barry's boot camp. Good to see you, man. You got a full body workout and all summer long we've been laying on beach towels and using our beach balls so you'll show us how to use these in a way that can get us fit? And first and foremost starting out been a while, be careful, lay a good solid foundation and start with something nice and People getting back into the swing. They want to be safe and take it easy. Just squat, hold that nice and tight, legs wide, nice and low and come right back up. easy peasy, look at that. Look at that. Okay. So how do you upgrade this move to the neck level. Perfect, good. Go right down and hold it nice No, no. That's another level. Make this ball our equipment. It helps me balance and stabilize, bring it back in. Stand up. Now we did it once, did it twice. Go back down, out, in, out, in then stand up. Good. Okay. Once you've mastered that how do you get things to really burn. The burner, the finisher. Take that ball, hit it on the ground nice, nice, two, land low, one, two, jump up, low. Good. Oh. Nice. Nice. Hey, man. I'm in the wrong outfit for this. But we also been laying on the beach towel all summer long. Getting the summer rays. There we go to somebody in the there we go. How can we use the beach towel. Don't throw it back. The suit is too nice. I got this one so we sit down on the ground and take our towel, behind your head, make a hammock. Crunch up and bring it down, core nice and tight and then back down. The core. But as always you got to upgrade it. Legs straight out, feel your back start to work. Pull it tight and lay down just halfway then come all the way. The halfway is cool. Our stagehands are looking, ooh, no, baby, that's not happening. You can lay all the way down and come back up. Is there a way to get your abs to really burn. Bring the legs up. Make the towel looser and play jump rope. Don't get stuck on it. There you go. That is no joke. All right. You guys do that 100 more time. Exactly, man. Thank you. Oh, yes, we got a big thanks to Matt and big thanks to Barry's boot camp for getting us

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Start your resolution early as Matt Nolan from Barry’s Bootcamp demonstrates a simple workout you can do at home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65426633","title":"September is the new January for fitness","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/september-january-fitness-65426633"}