I survived a celebrity acupuncture facial

I got a celebrity acupuncture facial treatment and survived.
3:29 | 06/13/19

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Transcript for I survived a celebrity acupuncture facial
And like we've been people who. It's. Go time. We'll move had a hand here and things. The room where it all goes down. Unfortunately for the acupuncture for fashion the word that we used. It's needles but if you were to look at me you know it looks like a why I mean it's is innocent human. You know time. You know very. And there has criticized. I'm just scared of meals in general the last place they probably want. To be is in their faith. But once people had acupuncture and a body you realize it feels like. Pretty much nothing else you realize the benefits it has also it looks really great on aids programs. I mean beauty and wellness. People think of an acupuncture racially think of just kneel and face my technique and a little bit different not only are we doing the body needles. The facial meals are also adding new emphatic treatments techniques. Pot shots at me from copying techniques connected to should be flip sides of my career as well as some leads. I am super Perez. We're gonna start treating her face by treating her body says some of these points have been a put and we're gonna help to reduce Strauss Bruce and gene I think. So I'm doing a little bit about connective tissue. Massage here even though I'm working around your column runs right now actually treating masonic. It's an interesting feeling bad. We kind of love and never expecting to fill my buddy relaxing. Legal work out great and. They do a bit of Michael currents on your face and my micro current and this is. Eric vehicle electrical stimulation to organs stimulate the channels in the face that helps keep the muscles nice and healthy. It adds energy. In the form of electricity needs of that we're really moving things food now that we've opened up these channels and then after that happens. Content. Now the moment everyone has been faithful as we've been calling here mealtime. Those of flu. Really don't know we're convinced them right now. I'm Jackie's I think under the LED lights that technology which helps the body to heal itself. At this acupuncture. I had. Day.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"I got a celebrity acupuncture facial treatment and survived.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63667176","title":"I survived a celebrity acupuncture facial","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/survived-celebrity-acupuncture-facial-63667176"}