Texas nurse gets surprise from 'Grey's Anatomy' stars

Kristen Knott, a health care hero on the front lines, recently shared on Facebook the 31 things she learned from working 31 days in a COVID-19 ICU, which went viral.
6:14 | 08/10/20

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Transcript for Texas nurse gets surprise from 'Grey's Anatomy' stars
even if we can't find heaven Welcome back to "Gma." Those are just some of the doctors, nurses and first responders who day in and day out put themselves at risk on the front lines of this pandemic and we celebrate them and cannot thank them enough. Let's continue with the celebration this we want to make your Monday by introducing you to one of these extraordinary health care workers, a nurse in San Antonio, Texas, who went there, who went where, rather, left San Antonio and went where the need was greatest when the pandemic now she's back in her hometown hospital where the need is still great. We'll talk to her live in just a moment. There she is, but first we want to share her story. Kristen Knott is a health care hero traveling from her home in San Antonio to a covid hot zone in New Jersey to help fight covid-19. This has really put life in perspective for me. I am definitely more grateful for my family, my friends, my health. Reporter: Now back in Texas, she's still fighting to end the pandemic spending 31 days straight in the covid unit. We have days where we would be intubating like three or four patients. Two patients would be coding then we would have to intubate three patients next door like a mad house. Reporter: Each day harder than the last. I had this patient, this one patient for about three weeks and the day that she passed on me was probably my most difficult day. Sitting there in her room and holding up the facetime screen, seeing what the family was going through, it hurt. Reporter: Her family and friends so proud of all she's given. You're an inspiration to everyone. The love and compassion that you share with others have touched so many hearts. Love you. I love you. I love you. And there is Kristen Knott joining us live from San Antonio before he starts another shift at the hospital, of course. Good morning. You heard some of your family and friends. We had so many responses from your family and friends, we had to cut them off, okay. We get it. She's awesome. There were so many responses. Clearly they love you. What is it like to hear your loved ones talk about you like that? Oh, my gosh. My heart is so full and I can't even say how much I -- how thankful I am for them because especially my parent, they taught me everything and I'm just blessed to have my family around me. I'm so grateful? We're grateful to you and the 31 things you learned while working 31 days at the icu and number 31 on the list was you aren't just a nurse. Elaborate on that for us. So my nursing journey has been difficult, but I know that, you know, this is my vocation in life, being a nurse and it's not about me. It's about helping others and being there for them. Being there for the families to take care of them. And especially in this time during covid, when the families can't be there to be the family member to the patient, you know, they're not there to hold their hand so I take that place for them. And like she just said there were 31 things on the list that you learned. What else is on the list? What else did you learn? So there's some funny ones. I started off with talking about like maskne, you know, wearing your mask for 12, 13 hours straight. You take it off and, oh, my gosh, I haven't had this kind of acne since high school. Also like having the amazing team, oh, my gosh, the amazing people that I work with, I can't thank them enough and I'm just really blessed to have all the people around me and be able to help me out and help each other out too because that's what it's about, teamwork. It certainly S you told us one of your favorite TV shows is "Grey's anatomy." We have a few people who you might recognize so take a look. Hey, Kristen, your commitment to this fight is inspiring and I want to echo what everybody else said and send you my own bit of gratitude so thank you so much. Hey there, Kristen. I'm sending you so much love. Thank you so much for everything you've done. Mwah. Well, clearly you can see them. Oh, my gosh. Your reaction first. What do you think? Oh, my gosh. I love "Grey's anatomy." I'm a sucker for them and I was just telling my mom I need to have another marathon and catch up with everything because working all those days in a row I'm just like -- I need to sit down and do a marathon. We'll give you a chance to sit down here soon. You wrote that your co-workers become your family and friends and how great everyone is there at the hospital, how great everyone is so we want to treat you and your whole unit to lunch. Everybody is going to get lunch on us. Ah. We'll send in some pizzas. I'm just kidding. You wrote in one of your post you're tired of pizza. No pizza. Please. We're not sending pizza but we're Lupe tortilla, a restaurant in San Antonio, is bringing food for all of you so please enjoy that. We made not even a Mexican pizza interest this place but wintered to say thank you and good morning and just a little treat for you and thank you for spending some time and for what you're doing. Thank you, Kristen. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thanks. Love these. They're all such genuine folks. To hear their family and friends talk about them is something he.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Kristen Knott, a health care hero on the front lines, recently shared on Facebook the 31 things she learned from working 31 days in a COVID-19 ICU, which went viral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72278446","title":"Texas nurse gets surprise from 'Grey's Anatomy' stars","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/texas-nurse-surprise-greys-anatomy-stars-72278446"}