In the United States each year about 700 women die due to pregnancy related cause

Dr. Ashton talks to the CDC's Dr. Barfield about the Hear Her campaign to raise awareness about maternal mortality.
24:53 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for In the United States each year about 700 women die due to pregnancy related cause
Everybody I'm Dr. Jennifer asked him. And so it's a lot at bar she director see. How. And we are talking about the CDC. Here her island and her weekend. You and I had so much content actually. Toys I doubt about. A lot of someone act and how would you pay for personally. Tell us a little bit about your career. Witness CDC and how to be passionate. So I I'm actually had had a passion for. But here newborns would ward medicine where and I. Basically when I started college in interestingly enough noted that there are disparities in the earth black beans and pick the white infants and that was really action or me but as I continue my career. Really realize that you know. The helpless infants really depend on it helped. And in so many ways. And at CDC I had an opportunity to join I'll be. Epidemic intelligence service. Are spending several years in the US army. As in the any colleges is laugh and oncoming to CDC had a really active wonderful opportunity to. Really think about population how the population. Mothers and infants and in art art division do a lot of work focusing on those issues we picked out. Maternal health and in their so inner connected. This is been a passion for onion particular and or eighteen that represented in RDN and CC it's really a priority. So for EU where. Eat where everyone eats. Are we are well. Multiple crises in public how that he no one in particular. Issue. Increase in. Concerning race. In this country. To eat and in particular. It is proportionate. And where. Karen outcomes. In women of color. And so his own contacts and for viewers he. There are some people whose it was eight collection issues there are other people who say it's. Day and you would you and I don't like to do in medicine which is to blame the patient seeing women are sicker older or more high risk. Explain kind of evolution of that particularly how do you NE XT CD tracking those statistics. And when you aren't where urged actors. Should increase in Bronx and I don't like we're obviously they should be. Yes I you know I think it's really important to note that despite our technology. Despite all the resources that we haven't United States really happen. Being able to reduce maternal mortality in fact it's been a persistent proper. And some instances of years that it's just not improve. Especially who compare ourselves. Entry. In our teen has been doing a lot of work to better understand. Maternal. We're Khaled you more specifically pregnancy related mortality. Review working with states on maternal mortality. Eck and although that work is going on and it's very important indeed it more and more rapid. We'll also enters and is that it's really important than. That women are actually. Pat an opportune would be heard about. There is a key note that in time and time again we're hearing about these stories of women who. Know that something just isn't right eat and yet they're not being her. And so we felt that in addition to the work that we're doing in terms of better data and really trying to understand underlying causes. We really need to get the message out particularly about some of the critical worn. So let's talk about some of the numbers opera we get into. Some ha B. Hopeful solutions. Her. Army. Friends call eight. Particularly. Risky path. There are 700. When I. In the state every year just in or. There are hundreds of thousands of near produces great aunt. You know could also eat and me. It accurate CDC numbers are free in the world so that people understand. Just how poorly we're doing. So Indian states each year about 700 women die and their pregnancy related products and unfortunately. You know what's so tragic about this is about two thirds of the depth. Our program all. And you mentioned the issue near and acts well about 50000 women die I will not darts aren't but are. Inexperience. Near death. I'm in the united state so we're seeing. 880000. Each wore in the united. We are in the last. It's already here now I'm lying. I'm Serena Williams went public with her story. Are culinary analysts during pregnancy. Com and during her delivery and how she. Had a history she knew something on inch T experience. I'm what's secrecy. Call. Com. It doesn't T. Someone would a lot of initial after their names say wow it Serena Williams. Had trouble. Having people Shearer. What is the average every game long and whom Beatty woman of color. What it what is there help. So that kind of dove tail into your campaign so. Personal what went through your mind as a woman doctor the woman of color. As a specialist in its deal when you heard her store. So I think that I'm important for us to understand and we known this and fortunately or why. That despite I'm education. Or at. Evidence or lack in need of American women their risks for I'm pregnancy related mortality is. It's two to three times higher than that their white counterparts and despite the education. Know that there are actors. That are in play that aren't really wouldn't deeper. And that's part of the reason Britain's Ian me that we really me. All I'll play and what role in making sure that the voices when heard. When that acts women themselves. Those who are around her who. I'm really here for her. Our colleagues in terms of the medical protection. Archimedes. Haven't worked well. So explain it. You know lets you would he died on each year her campaign. When you know obviously you're Jack is that it will empower women. And those around them to use the when they feel something is wrong. You know what are your hopes how can EU will hull. Hot and on women's health and a lot. So we really hope that we're gonna have a positive impact them several factors one. Giving an opportunity to really increase awareness at serious pregnancy related complications and their warnings. Mean so many of us. Know someone pregnant. No solutions Ben pregnant. And also knows warning landing them. I understand it hue now. That pregnancy related complications. Don't just happen during pregnancy. You know a third and it happened earlier and I'd see a third rounds at liberty and heard it we eat a two year active period could be so it's important to have at a weird even when a woman is it. Obviously showing that he and. So how long it campaign. Actually implement NTU. We're seeing it and poultry at bias and obstetricians. Is it to you. Will be a hospital or clinic arm. A little bit I'm happy I'm not Google campaign he. So we imagine that there's opportunity to communicate this through many different so whether that social media and the opportunity to really communicate. This information with friends and family that now. Information available in providers opposite. Parisian available even in the places and can be used where women. Art rather so. We see the opportunity or billboards. And communication. Teams that are reach foreign why. We're really excited about this this is something that student salmon eating. Yeah. Doctor bar yeah you as a pediatrician double endorser might act pediatrician and near an ecology. Unit you're patient. Obviously the new more. I'm an eye on that in utero that he my patient is pregnant women. Together we're managing and dealing with multiple life in time at least during pregnancy and liberty. In any interim. Deal of BG YU. A in this country. We hear me incredible strides. In your specialty and I see you shaking and I am sure incurred as many many times she's aunt when I was an inspired. In the year 2000. NB born 24 weeks of gestation. And CES 50% chance answer I. And those who did survive. It TE percent. A year. Long term and our ally in. Yours specialty Leone how he. Really. I don't N and me incredible strides. In anti terror be. Premature or what's her. New warns Andy Rooney. It seems kind of you know we kinda on the opposite action in an era. I kind of patient. Why do you think that is why he in this country each and all focus on the pregnant until she no longer pregnant and lease which. So just focusing on me. You know I think that we really have an opera to get me out. Or at. Right and he if if we could so. Banana delivery. There's complications and often because there's a AT. Arriving earlier than expected. And we really do need to speak up. What we can do up during. It really. Not that they eat but to make sure that that matters US how the and what we can now do is really focus on women and acts with this campaign. It's opportunity to vote is a woman's account. And you into thinking about Lyndon out even book born eight. Billy need to sort it hit the information. And think. How we can hear war. Our hearts sisters. Daughters are aunts. But not only to see them but to see other women in that way mean you really Hackett think about how. We need to put more energy toward. Week in and particularly pregnant women as well as postpartum. A let. And granted go home with a helping. Or shore. Let he you well segment segment. And line. Where the menial issues. He injured art and issues those that occur during labor history and art in sheets. Where do you see. Any. Ers when you eat those 3 lines. I am in particular how you're our might be injured in. If you had to bring you want what's. Best. Well I think that all of the year is really important because every woman is different and yeah experience about pregnancy related complication or severe warning sign. They really very important we do. But I one aspect of this campaign that is particularly important is more for many about understand. That pregnancy complications. A car actor pregnancy. It's an important piece of information as wouldn't say I've seen by their doctors are being he had an unanticipated. Help is. Say for example in an emergency room that knowing that she. We currently at an infant is an important part her medical mr. And it. There are activities if you know that are different depending on the active currency so horrible and who's currently pregnant. Those lists of complications from different in women who deliver. And then when you look at on the news. In this country. Maternal mortality. Card to get it words or. Lower ends. On important distinction are the latest. And and not RI and our saint yeah she eats I am Simmons I. Albert goes. On and other psychiatric. Kind of events. Can you address each 1 its am and again we are at least eight Easter intervention. And rest. Yes so you bring up an important point about. Disease and heart humor therapy you know condition in which the heart muscles weak. Do you have an opportunity that think about that. Only. In the postpartum period but thinking about a woman's how long after pregnancy. Know that we. Pregnancy associated. Hypertension are at increased risk. Part of acts. With regard to the issues of mental help that's an issue that's important air in port. Recently news assistant called the pregnancy this cassette that monitoring system to look act the risk. Postpartum depression. And it really an important issue what on what's that many other providers are not. Speaking with wouldn't. Acts not just the art Christian. He pediatricians and other primary care providers have a not retaining and they're held in am here's. To talk when about human and there are several mental outs bringing schools better be. Annan. What out. Are. Criticism. CE CE and in which respects are weighing. In particular. Pregnancy. Early mortality. Honored. As with many things and I'm out is rarely simple. Line. On but people heard every. Search warrants and a rise in the NC. Or our. These aren't computer. Can you just. Read. It and actually went. And hung explains. The true. And on what is going on. Ink. Their work. The main. Things are eat on now its infancy. So I think it's important to note act up pregnancy related to act in. A complex problem. That may culminate in two yet again yet and took acting. Ethnical tasks. Or a single happened mart sign Bettany in eight excellence guy I sort of think of it to akin to the way sort of CSI. Right. There's an investigation that needs to be done is information that needs to be an cutter. You have someone who then fortunately. Had an unkind act. But actors that can think it's that yet. May not be directly at. And that's where the or what would return mortality you immediate ST level. Is the opportunity for us to really understand that certain infant under. So are you a specific example it may be or example. A woman and many have died from a drug overdose. But the action is rule what was that intent perhaps it was in the postpartum period. That there was a difference in her weak and me it was an accident. Trying to gather this information from the community he. Rome hospitals. Problem. Also on visits where there could have been on this opportune. Scene isn't important. He's have been for me and com. I think with regard to the recording at the if you work very close and with the national center for health estates in according would turn out. Want to come home rule that's very important. In understanding pregnancy nearly acts. And in the path there's been pregnancy check. Eighty that in army shouldn't. May not be accurate in so now they're in efforts to really try to improve the actors. And to our sins this CDC. Ears. Global you know obviously a US. Asian. You know you had your eye on. How world why not earning its. What part of the world eighty doing. Well. The world's. Are and where she and we are and needs more attention Marxist. Well many developed countries are you mean I'm a good job in terms. The DC pregnancy related deaths. Promise in some areas. The developing world to include a saner and more recently. The US government after conceding that there is eating. Was an opportunity to see who upon that in turn to bury that pregnancy related acts and the fact that hectic you. Eating when an. Says. This could be so that they would get appropriate emergency state of air. They're there is prop prom and I think thinking about the systems that can help to include. Would turn off how an axis yours. And I really couldn't. This discussion with you at this time I next. The largest global health emergency aid it certainly has occurred in our lifetimes and are couriers. I'm without asking you. This is typically how do you eight current and iris and army here in the United States and across the world. It is affecting reproductive health it was just I'm sure east commentary in the lancet. On the in just the last week. And this team to the health of girls and women around the world. Just a little bit about and what your concerns are what kind it means you are watching for. So there are. Many concerns that the art scene SARS two and Kobe ninety. I think or women who are. You're contemplating conceding. Those who are pregnant and those are both aren't there is increasing concerns. But what we do now and and part of the reason why we decided to go forward with this campaign. Even in that context that endemic. Is that. We want women to still be aware of potential warnings I'm pregnancy. And they. Are seat that you're expecting me. Not lady's pregnancy. Birth control contraceptive services. Come possible increase in sexual and islands. How do you feel and is in. Issues. In the United States and broke her and. We're still trying to understand the facts of Coke in nineteen imperious and got out without patents. Eight that we're also trying to think about what are those potential solutions for example. How does tell noticed in my role in terms. Giving women act as for example accepted health services. How can we also. Relies on networks to make sure that we are eating that here that they reached that they room. Doctor. I am not just now during the pandemic it. Always of the women's health and read it I'll. What do you really want only people it. I'm we see they hear her is a campaign in a real opportunity are asked to support pregnant and postpartum women. Eight eating the RT more than two ER. Bird. So important. Doctor Wanda are on here this CDC director for reproductive Howell. I want it changed you not only for his campaign. And for your public health service in your twenty years and that the CDC. But also for your military service. Thank you. For all of that and in the times is saying anything that I know how you longest mission. I don't know you my hands Giuliani I'll just unruh. Colleen I'll always know volunteer. Thank you some rest actor actually it's been a real pleasure speaking with you today. 88 ha.

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{"duration":"24:53","description":"Dr. Ashton talks to the CDC's Dr. Barfield about the Hear Her campaign to raise awareness about maternal mortality. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72336896","title":"In the United States each year about 700 women die due to pregnancy related cause","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/united-states-year-700-women-die-due-pregnancy-72336896"}