8-year-old diagnosed with rare disease gets service dog

Mia Vane, who was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder, was nominated by her aunt to receive a service dog from 4E Kennel’s Healing Hearts program.
4:23 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for 8-year-old diagnosed with rare disease gets service dog
We have a great surprise now for an 8-year-old who really deserves it. Mia was diagnosed with a rare illness at the beginning of the pandemic and can't be in school right now and she dreamed about a dog to keep her company. Kaylee Hartung was there when Mia met dougie for the first time. Reporter: Good morning, George. Mia is truly one in a million and not just because of her radiant personality and her precious smile. Every year about one American in a million is diagnosed with a blood disorder called aplastic anemia. This surprise ensures she has a friend through it all. She's just 8 years old but she's one tough kid. Mia is fearless. Plays a mean defense in soccer and deals daily with a serious rare disease. What do you remember of the first signs you were getting sick? I just started bruising after we -- I was playing soccer and I just started getting all purple and stuff. It was a lot of illnesses and it kept happening. She just kept getting sick and noticed things weren't right. Reporter: Just after covid hit, Mia was diagnosed with aplastic ameme Ya, an incredibly rare blood disorder where bone marrow is damaged and the body stops producing new blood cells to fight infection. Momma was a little scared. I was a little bit too. It was shocking to think something like that would happen to you, right? That's what everyone thinks. That will never happen to us. Reporter: For now she can't be in school. She can't risk getting sick. Any injury sends her straight to the er and while med cagles are keeping the disease in check, the only real cure is risky, a bone marrow transplant. Mia's aunt Blake knew she was dreaming of having a dog. Desperate to find a way to help she created this moving video. Little did we know at the time Mia's life would never again be the same. Reporter: Nominating her for a service dog from 4e kennels. They gift service dogs which can cost upwards of $25,000 to families who need them. What an incredible young girl like defying the odds but being knocked down again and again by something she cannot control and there is no cure. Reporter: Today we're surprising Mia with that dog. Dougie. He is a 10-month-old golden Good boy. Reporter: Training for this moment with Brad Norton since he was just 10 weeks old. What we taught dougie is to apply deep pressure therapy when she's not feeling well. To lay across her leg and put pressure on her legs or lean up against her. Reporter: Dougie will provide emotional support for Mia what isolated and sick. Even when she's in the hospital. Lowering her anxiety and stress levels. To bring just a small amount of comfort and companionship to help her through the darkest days, you know, is incredibly exciting. Well, let's surprise her. I can't wait. Let's go. Reporter: Aunt Blake and Mia's mom Ashley are in on the surprise but Mia has no idea what's coming. Mia thinks she's just here to talk to us about her diagnosis. Is there anything in this world that could make life with this disease easier for jrue. I think a dog to snuggle with. We've got a surprise for you. Are you ready for this? Whoo! I have your very own dog for you, this is your, honey. This is your dog dougie. Dougie, meet Mia. Dougie is a goldendoodled trained just for you. Did you hear that? You'll do some special training with him. Are you ready to do that then you get to take him home. He's all for you. Thank you. Dougie, come. Sit. Sit. Looks like she's been preparing her whole life for this moment. Oh, yeah, she kind of has. I love him. Ah. And I am thrilled to report dougie has made his way into their hearts and home in a few short days and Mia's mom say they have been hard at work every day training and getting to know each other better. A big thank you to 4e kennels for making this -- Looks like he made his way into your heart as well. A little misty in here, sorry. Coming up, riz Ahmed joins us live.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Mia Vane, who was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder, was nominated by her aunt to receive a service dog from 4E Kennel’s Healing Hearts program. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76272199","title":"8-year-old diagnosed with rare disease gets service dog ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/year-diagnosed-rare-disease-service-dog-76272199"}