Whitney Houston in Central Park: Watch Wednesday on 'Good Morning America'

Houston performs for delighted crowd in concert to air on "GMA" Wednesday.

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July 02, 2009, 6:18 PM

Sept. 1, 2009 — -- Whitney Houston performed today in Central Park for a concert to air Wednesday on "Good Morning America."

Houston delighted a crowd of devoted fans who waited for hours at Central Park's Rumsey Playfield ... and waited seven years for her comeback album, "I Look to You."

She performed four songs: "Million Dollar Bill" and "I Look to You" from her new album, as well as classics "My Love Is Your Love" and "I'm Every Woman."

Watch the Whitney Houston concert event tomorrow on "GMA" at 7 a.m. ET and CLICK HERE for full coverage of her legendary career!

The most honored female artist of all time, Whitney Houston is the only artist ever to have seven consecutive multiplatinum albums, beating out even the Beatles.

Legendary music producer Clive Davis remembers Houston as that young girl who first gave us her remarkable sound, made famous in songs like "The Greatest Love of All" and "I Will Always Love You."

Just the name Whitney Houston brings to mind that voice: the musical range, the enormous range of emotion, and a kind of power that can make a perfect arrow out of just one note.

"The time that I first saw her singing in her mother's act in a club called Sweet Waters right here in Manhattan ... it was such a stunning impact," Davis told "Good Morning America" anchor Diane Sawyer earlier this year. "To hear this young girl breathe such fire into this song. I mean, it really sent the proverbial tingles up my spine."

Whitney Houston: Central Park Concert Seven Years in the Making

Houston's first single, "You Give Good Love" went to number one on the Billboard charts. Then came a string of number one hits -- seven in all -- breaking a record set by the Beatles.

And now, more than seven years since we last heard from Houston, she's released a new album.

The man who discovered her says he wants to show that Houston "still stands for the best of songwriting, the best of singing -- and we know the public wants it."

"You won't forget it after you hear it," Davis said, calling the album a labor of love for all involved. "There is a song on this album which is called 'I Didn't Know My Own Strength' and it really speaks for Whitney. She tumbled but she didn't crumble."

Kevin Costner, her co-star from "The Bodyguard" told "GMA" earlier this year that we'll be glad she's back.

"I knew this day was coming for her," he said.

CLICK HERE to visit Whitney Houston's official Web site for more information about her new album.

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