Brooklyn Baker Shares Secrets to Healthy Carb Diet

Chef Adam Leonti From Brooklyn Bread Lab has lost weight on a diet of bread.

“I eat about a whole loaf a day,” said Leonti, who has lost about 15 pounds in the last few weeks. “We started milling our own wheat, which was the whole idea, and we have flour that we make ourselves which is really the key to the whole thing.”

By milling the grain fresh, which means not removing the wheat germ and the bran that is extracted in mass-produced breads, Leonti says the bread is still packed with nutrients which helps you feel fuller longer.

The Brooklyn Bread Lab even teaches classes for how to make this nutrient-rich bread at home.

"We teach kids, we teach professionals, pizza, pasta, pastries, the whole thing," Leonti said.

Take a look at Leonti's techniques for how to prepare his wildly popular dough.