California Mom Faces Mountain of Sexual Assault Charges

Woman allegedly had sex with teen boys in her Hummer SUV and in parking lots.

ByABC News via logo
August 9, 2010, 9:23 PM

Aug. 10, 2010 — -- Christine Hubbs lived in an upscale northern California community, was married for 20 years and had three children. But Hubbs led a double life, investigators say, one in which she allegedly carried on sexual relations with two teens for nearly two years, beginning when the boys were 13.

The Livermore, Calif., woman, 42, made her first court appearance Monday to face a mountain of charges -- 67 in all -- relating to the alleged relationships. She is accused of having sex with the boys starting in 2008 everywhere from parking lots to inside her Hummer SUV and fueling the affair with free money, dinners and video games that she gave to the boys.

Hubbs is being held on $4.3 million bail. Her attorney, Jules Bonjour, declined to comment.

Investigators said one of the alleged victims was Hubbs' daughter's ex-boyfriend.

"Well the first victim, she got to know him because he was her daughter's boyfriend and that's how that relationship started," Livermore police captain Scott Trudeau told "Good Morning America."

The charges against her include oral copulation, lewd act on a child and exhibition of lewd material to a minor, according to the San Francisco Examiner newspaper.

The allegations came to light when the mother of one of the boys reportedly found a nude picture of Hubbs on the boy's cell phone, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.