David Westin's E-mail Announcing New 'GMA' Anchor Team

Westin on new roles for George Stephanopoulos, Juju Chang, Chris Cuomo.

Dec. 10, 2009— -- David Westin's E-mail to ABC News staff:

I'm pleased to announce that beginning Monday, our new anchor team at "Good Morning America" will be in place and on the air. George Stephanopoulos and Juju Chang will be joining Robin and Sam. Chris Cuomo will be promoted to co-anchor of "20/20" with Elizabeth Vargas and serve as ABC News' chief law and justice correspondent. George will also take on the role of chief political correspondent and he will continue to anchor "This Week" until we name his replacement.

In putting this new "GMA" team together, we've pursued one goal: How can we best serve our audience? How can we bring them what matters most to them -- the day's important news, engaging stories, useful information, and real expertise to help them improve their lives?

Robin and George are the right pair to lead our effort. As we've seen over time, Robin brings a warmth and intelligence to the morning that no one can match. Hers is a practical curiosity that brings the viewers' questions to the fore. George complements Robin's strengths with a deep knowledge of and commitment to news about the nation and the world. George is a formidable interviewer who brings the viewer a deeper understanding of the great issues of the day through his conversations with experts and newsmakers.

Sam Champion brings his knowledge and enthusiasm to weather, climate, and the environment. Juju, our new news anchor, has distinguished herself covering the news of every sort -- from national and world events to the everyday experiences of parents and families.

Chris Cuomo has done it all -- from newscasts in the morning, to covering major events from the field (around the country and around the world), to powerful primetime reporting. In addition to joining the team at "20/20," he will also step into the role of our lead reporter for all programs on major law and justice stories. And, he will continue to be one of the first people we turn to when news happens.

Eleven years ago next month, Diane Sawyer came to "GMA" for a temporary stint that at the time we expected to be a few months. Now, she will be taking over as anchor of "World News" on Dec. 21, succeeding Charlie Gibson. One cannot describe all that she has done for "GMA;" nor can we fully express our gratitude. The best way to honor what Diane has done -- and what Charlie did before and with her -- is to continue the great tradition while building on the foundation they have laid. This new team will do just that. Each member individually contributes a great deal; the whole, however, will exceed even the large sum of the parts.

Together with ['GMA' Senior Executive Producer] Jim Murphy and ['GMA' Executive Producer] Tom Cibrowski we will redouble the program's focus on the engaging stories and useful news and information that matters most to our audience, delivering the kind of reporting that most reflects the strengths of ABC News.

Please join me in congratulating all of our colleagues on their new assignments.