'GMA' Quick Tip: Avoid High Calorie Blended Coffee Drinks

Photo: GMA Quick Tip: Avoid High Calorie Blended Coffee Drinks: Avoid These Diet Killers, Says Matt BeanPlayMcDonalds
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Matt Bean from Men's Health magazine says there are five blended coffee drinks that are sure to sabotage your diet.

First up, is Cold Stone Creamery's "Lotta Caramel Latte" in the "Gotta Have It" size... you'll find as much saturated fat in it as you would in 62 strips of bacon.

A venti Starbucks Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino with whole milk and whipped cream has as much sugar as 10 rainbow popsicles.

A large Dunkin' Donuts' "Ice Gingerbread Latte" packs in as much sugar as 3 1/2 twinkies.

A 12 ounce Cosi double "Oh! Arctic Mocha" contains as many calories as you'd find in 9 Chicken McNuggets,

Last but not least ... a large McDonald's "Caramel Latte" with whole milk has the same sugar equivalent as 3 ice cream sandwiches.

On average, blended coffee drinks run about 239 calories, whereas regular coffee with milk and sugar added, is only 63 calories... that's a savings of 176 calories per day that will keep you on the right track to your health goals.

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