Drink Your Vegetables: How to Juice Like a Pro

All the tools and ingredients you need to drink your fruits and vegetables.

Jan. 04, 2013— -- intro: If your New Year's resolution was to eat more fruits and vegetables, look no further than your juicer. From ingredients to equipment, this is the juicing pro's guide to creating drinks at home that pack a punch.

quicklist:1category: title: Essential Ingredientsurl: text: Julie Ruelle, nutritionist at BlueprintCleanse, listed the important fruits and vegetables you should include in your juice.

Kale: Rich in calcium, kale is "is considered to be one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables" that people don't get enough of. Full of vitamins and minerals, kale is one of the "great things that do wonders for your body."

Apples: A good source of fiber, apples are high in vitamin C.

Beets: Another vegetable you might not get enough of, beets are a "good source of iron, potassium and folate."

Pineapple: Looking to add a little sweetness to your juice? "Pineapple has a ton of vitamin C, copper, manganese and B vitamins."

Lemon and ginger: These ingredients are believed to help ease the common cold as well as aid in digestion.

Carrot: Adds a boost of vitamin C.media: 18126048 related:

quicklist:2category: title: Recipesurl: text: Blueprint's Spinach- Blueberry-Apple- Lemon

small handful (1-2 ounces) spinach

1 pint (10 ounces) blueberries

1 Granny Smith apple

1 lemon

Wash spinach, blueberries and apple. Core the apple and cut it into quarters. Cut the peel away from the lemon. Run all the ingredients through the juicer. Run any wet pulp back through the juicer. Scrape off the foam and serve.

Diane Henderiks' Veggie & Tomato Tonic

1 whole tomato; cored

A few shakes of Worcestershire sauce

1/2 celery stalk; coarsely chopped

1/4 bell pepper

A dash of hot sauce

Juice from a wedge of lemon

Juice from a wedge of lime

2 ice cubes

Put all ingredients in blender and blend until liquefied.

Blueprint's Spinach-Carrot-Pineapple-Cilantro

A handful (3 ounces) of spinach

2 medium carrots

¼ pineapple

A small bunch (1/2 ounce) of cilantro (optional)

1 lime

1 drop liquid cayenne

Wash the spinach carrots, and cilantro. Cut the peel away from the pineapple and cut it into pieces that will fit through juicer. Cut the peel away from the lime. Run the spinach, carrots, pineapple, cilantro and lime through the juicer. Run any wet pulp back through the juicer. Scrape off the foam, stir in liquid cayenne, and serve.

Diane Henderiks' Digestive Drink

1/2 cup pineapple juice

1/2 cup water

1 peeled carrot

4 strawberries

1/2 apple

handful of parsley leaves

1/2 cup chopped fresh papaya -- if not available use fresh pineapple

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Serve as is or over ice.

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quicklist:3category: title: Equipmenturl: text: Ready to start? Here are a few fan-favorite juicers.

Omega Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer, $280. This machine does double duty, turning nuts into nut butters, making soy milk as well as grinding coffee and spices.

Krups' Juice Extractor, $149. This small model won't take up much counter space and isn't as loud as other brands.

Breville's Juice Fountain Multi-Speed, $195. This easy-to-set-up juicer requires little vegetable prep and won't stain your counter.

Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor, $99. This compact model is dishwasher-safe and fits nicely on your counter. A 16-ounce pitcher holds juice, and a container can hold up to 40 ounces of pulp.

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quicklist:4category: title: Deliveriesurl: text: Don't have the time or space in your fridge to juice? Try these juice companies that deliver around the country.

1. BlueprintCleanse: This juice mecca offers cold-pressed juices that pack 6 pounds of produce per bottle. For a soda replacement, try Blueprint's spicy lemonade.

2. Juice Shop: For those interested in cleansing, the juice shop in San Francisco offers several cleanses for beginning or advanced cleansers. Purchase individual juices like apple lemon ginger or pineapple pear chia for $9.00 a pint.

3. Organic Ave: This juice shop even carries cold-pressed caffe lattes. Choose from an assortment of juices like the hibiscus chia glow or the mindful mint chocolate smoothie.

4. Cooler Cleanse: Create your own gift box of organic juices like pineapple kiwi or pear mint. Cooler cleanse also offers an immunity booster box full of drinks packed with vitamin C.

5. Liquiteria: Hosting a variety of liquid products, from meal replacements to freshly pressed juices, the liquiteria sells all things juice. Try the skin trip drink made with carrot, spinach, cucumber, parsley and aloe vera.

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