3 Easy Steps for Creating Buddy Valastro's Turkey Cake

The cutest Thanksgiving turkey your kids will love.

Nov. 02, 2011— -- intro: Buddy Valastro, author of "Baking With the Cake Boss," showed us this morning on "Good Morning America" on how to create his turkey cake for Thanksgiving. This cake is easy to make at home and decorate with your kids. Impress your guests with this decorative cake that will make a beautiful centerpiece.

quicklist:1category: title: Prep Everything You Needurl: 12859245text: Bake Buddy's vanilla cake recipe in a circular Bundt pan. Prepare the chocolate icing recipe and vanilla icing recipe. Divide the vanilla icing into bowls and color the icing with food coloring until you get the desired color of the turkey's feathers. Cut it in half and set one half perpendicular to the other.media:14865316 related: 12859245~12859307

quicklist:2category: title: Fill the Cakeurl: 12859377text: Fill the cake with chocolate icing so that the back part of the cake is smooth. Use this icing to stick the two parts of the cake together, and fill in any empty hallow spaces.media: 14865326 related: 12859377

quicklist:3category: title: Decorate!url: text: With a rose tip attached in a piping bag, swirl the icing in lines across the back of the "turkey." Alternate colors until you've covered the back of the "turkey" with his "feathers." Using white frosting and a circular piping tip, pipe the turkey's face on the front of the cake.Enjoy your cake with your family this Thanksgiving.media:14865380 related: