'GMA's' Top 10 Recipes of 2012

"GMA's" must-try recipes.

Dec. 26, 2012— -- intro: From Julia Child's beef bourguignon to Rachael Ray's pretzel-coated chicken, we gathered the tastiest recipes from 2012. Try them this year before a whole new set of recipes takes over!

quicklist:1category: title: Julia Child's Beef Bourguignonurl: 8222804text: Julia Child's classic recipe is the perfect warm stew for a cold day. Served on top of pasta or egg noodles, it will warm you up in no time.media: 15248057 related:

quicklist:2category: title: Red Lobster's Garlic Cheese Biscuitsurl: 2788706text: These cheesy biscuits taste just like the real thing. Simple to make, serve them up with your favorite chicken or fish dish.media: 15248134 related:

quicklist:3category: title: McDonald's Egg McMuffinurl: 17147162text: You too can make a McDonald's Egg McMuffin at home. With some bread, eggs and ham, enjoy the iconic sandwich right in your kitchen.media: 17150391related:

quicklist:4category: title: Emeril's Simple Braised Pot Roast With Vegetablesurl: 15385611text: This easy pot roast will give you tender results with little effort. Root vegetables, garlic and herbs, along with a can of cola, give the roast excellent flavor.media: 15393622related:

quicklist:5category: title: Herbed Buttermilk 'Not-Fried' Chickenurl: 16492182text: Get the texture of crispy fried chicken without heating up any oil. This tender chicken is coated in crunchy cornflakes.media: 16507844related:

quicklist:6category: title: Trisha Yearwood's Key Lime Cakeurl: 10262217text: Skip the traditional key lime pie and opt for this cake instead. Covered with cream cheese frosting, it makes a wonderful summer birthday cake.media: 17927401 related:

quicklist:7category: title: Rachael Ray's Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Breasts With Cheddar Mustard Sauceurl: 15612210text: You can't beat this pretzel-coated chicken recipe from Rachael Ray. Served with a cheesy sauce, it will easily become your kids' favorite meal.media: 15683338related:

quicklist:8category: title: Emeril Lagasse's Oven Baked Barbecue Baby Back Ribsurl: 11219607text: It might be too cold to grill but these oven-baked ribs taste just as good. Choose your favorite store-bought BBQ sauce or make your own.media: 17027942related:

quicklist:9category: title: Todd Wilbur's Olive Garden Breadsticks url: 11745412text: Serve these breadsticks alongside pasta or with your favorite soup. Who knew homemade breadsticks could be this easy?media: 17927436 related:

quicklist:10category: title: Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Mac and Cheeseurl: 15328395text: Gluten-free food can still taste fantastic, especially when you make this mac and cheese recipe from Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Made with gluten-free pasta, it tastes just as delicious as the regular version.media: 15340936related: