Ex-Hospital Worker Indicted Over False Mammogram Results

Ex-Hospital Worker Indicted Over False Mammogram ResultsPlayABC News
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A former Georgia hospital worker accused of submitting false mammogram results for hundreds of women was indicted this week for reckless conduct and computer fraud, authorities said.

Rachael Rapraeger, a radiology technician at Perry Hospital in Perry, Ga. intentionally turned in patient false test results, the indictment alleges.

The patients were told that their results were normal even though a doctor never reviewed the scans.

"For reasons unknown she was taking the mammograms and just entering the results herself," said Houston County District Attorney Rabb Wilkerson.

Wilkerson said Rapraeger always recorded the test results as negative.

Now, some of the women who had mammograms at the hospital are just finding out they actually do have cancer.

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Former Georgia hospital worker arrested for submitting false mammogram results

"I've Been Through so Much Already"

Miriam Mizell had planned to spend her golden years relaxing by a quiet lake but her retirement was cut short.

Three years ago, Mizell was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It soon spread to her liver and lungs.

"With metastatic colorectal cancer, the prognosis is three to five years. I've been here three and a half," she said.

Then in April, Mizell received another devastating diagnosis -- doctors discovered she had breast cancer.

"It was like, I've been through so much already and now it's like I got my teeth kicked in," she said.

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Nearly two years ago, Mizell had a mammogram at Perry Hospital.

Mizell is one the women impacted by Rapraeger's alleged actions.

In total, authorities say the technician processed nearly 1,300 mammograms -- 10 of those women have now been told they have breast cancer.

"She's cut time with my family. She's taken away time from me, that I would spend loving the people that I love," Mizell said.

Perry Hospital called Rapraeger's alleged actions "inexplicable" and said their own internal review concluded that she acted alone.

"Time is of the essence when you're dealing with cancer and the fact they could have been treated sooner had the results been read properly at the time they were performed," Wilkerson said.

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Rapraeger could face up to 160 years in prison but that is little comfort for Mizell.

"Because I am a Christian, I forgive her, I do. I forgive her because not doing that hurts me," she said.