How to Make $10 Worth of Flowers Look Like a Million Bucks

How to make a beautiful floral arrangement without spending a lot.

Feb. 11, 2011 — -- Sarah Gray Miller of Country Living magazine is here to save your wallet on Valentine's Day. She has five tips on inexpensive, yet romantic ways to arrange flowers.

She recommends using carnations in bulk, and she shows you how to create vases out of mugs, pencils, recycled bottles and cans. If you are craft-illiterate, there's an app. for that. Check out her tips below.

Buy Inexpensive Flowers in Bulk Even the most inexpensive flowers look great in large quantities. To make an arrangement make sure you have Goody latex ponytail holders ($2.39 for 75 at and a pair of garden clippers or a sharp knife.

Make a Romantic Arrangement with a Mug

Get creative with a mug and make a great arrangement. To make this arrangement try grabbing mugs at Anthropologie ($24 for four at and a bouquet of roses ($15).

Use an Old Soup Can

Try painting the cans with chalkboard paint and putting the flowers in clusters with roses both high and low. This will have the most dramatic impact. To make an arrangement make sure you have a can, chalkboard paint ($12 FOR 29 oz. at and a bouquet of roses ($15).

Use Filler Flowers, Recycled Bottles

Make use of your old wine and beer bottles. Paint the bottles and fill them with baby's breath and Hypericum Berries. To make an arrangement you will need a bottle, doilies ($2 for a pack of 50), matte white spray paint ($4 for a can), and flowers.

Transform a Vase You Already Own

Try the pencil vase. To make an arrangement you will need customized pencils ($6 for 24 at, a vase you already own and a bouquet of carnations (10-$15).

If You're Craft Illiterate

Check out Country Living's Treemail app. For just $0.99 you can send your loved one a digital message carved in the bark of seven trees: American Elm, Balsam Fir, Magnolia, Palm, Red Cedar, Silver Burch, or Sycamore.

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