Oprah Winfrey Friend Questions New Tell-All Biography

Gayle King chides Kitty Kelley's book, saying it likely won't make book club.

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April 11, 2010, 5:41 PM

April 12, 2010— -- As Oprah Winfrey prepares to break into nighttime television, her good friend Gayle King gently chided a new tell-all biography due to hit stands this week.

"I'm thinking it's not going to make her book club selection," King told "Good Morning America" today.

King said she had not read the Kitty Kelley book, "Oprah," but "when I heard she interviewed 850 people, I'm thinking, Oprah doesn't even know 850 people."

Winfrey did not talk to Kelley for the book.

"Oprah has been so forthcoming about her life," King said. "It's not that she's tried to hide anything, so we shall see."

But the focus for Winfrey is now the buzz surrounding OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, which will feature Winfrey's new evening show, "Oprah's Next Chapter."

Her audience was dismayed by the news that "The Oprah Winfrey Show" would end in September 2011 after 25 years on the air, and media-watchers wondered what was next for Winfrey.

OWN will be a 24-hour cable channel that Winfrey will guide mainly from behind the scenes.

"My vision for OWN is to create a network that inspires our viewers and makes them want to be who they are on their best day," Winfrey, 56, said in a statement Thursday.

Click here for more information on O's 10 Anniversary celebration.

Each edition of "Oprah's Next Chapter" will release her from the studio for conversations and travel around the world.

Winfrey, a media mogul, co-founded the Oxygen network and launched the Oprah magazine, which is simply known as O magazine. The monthly publication marks its 10th anniversary next month.

"Oprah's Next Chapter" is scheduled to premiere in late 2011, shortly after she ends her weekday talk show.

A joint venture of Winfrey's Harpo Inc. and Discovery Communications Inc., OWN is set to premiere Jan. 1 on what is now the Discovery Health Channel. OWN will be available in about 80 million homes.

New Shows Set to Premiere

Among the new shows set to premiere on the new network are:

Winfrey's best friend, Gayle King, also will have her own program. "Gayle King Live!" will bring King's morning radio show to television.

"I just think it wil be a continuation of what Oprah always done," King said of the network. "Just expanding the empire is what she's doing."

King is also editor-at-large of O magazine.

The magazine's launch was considered the most successful in recent history, and its newsstand sales figures are still among the highest.

"It seems like yesterday we launched this magazine," King said.

In the publication's anniversary issue, Winfrey, a well-known book-lover, lists the 10 books that have mattered most to her in the past decade. They range from the classics to fiction to memoirs.

Endorsements from the talk-show queen though Winfrey's influential book club have catapulted many a title to best-seller status.

Here's a list of Winfrey's favorite books of the decade, according to King:

All the books have inspired and challenged Winfrey, King said.

Winfrey also has a new book out. "Words that Matter" is a collection of quotations that have appeared in her magazine.

Click HERE to read an excerpt from the book.

Winfrey has said she has lived her life by quotations, according to King. Some of Winfrey's own quotes are included in the book.

The magazine has a special 10th anniversary gift for its readers: gifts that normally sell for more than $100 can be purchased for $9.99 if readers use the code in the magazine when they make their orders.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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