'Psychic Intelligence' by Twins Who Claim They Can Predict the Future

Psychics Terry and Linda Jamison discuss their methods for predicting future.

June 21, 2011 — -- Terry and Linda Jamison are twin sisters who say they are so close they share a soul, and also a unique talent: the ability to predict the future.

But in their new book, Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition " the sisters, known as the "Psychic Twins," say they're not the only ones who have this ability.

"We all have psychic powers," Linda said today on "Good Morning America." "We call it psychic intelligence. We all have the power to be psychic."

In "Psychic Intelligence," the sisters reveal the methods they use to make their predictions, which have included correctly predicting when Prince William and Kate Middleton would break up, and when the couple would eventually get married.

"Clarivoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience," Terri told "GMA," describing the "Four C's" they say people must focus in on to open their intuitive minds.

"We can all access them," she said. "We teach how to train your psychic side to be open to subtle messages."

In their book, the sisters, who call their special connection 'Twintuition,' also take on skeptics who may question whether their prediction abilities are real.

"We're not here to prove to skeptics," Linda said on "GMA." "We've already proven ourselves."

"We're here as intuitive counselors," she added. "We're here to help people."

Read an excerpt from "Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition " below, then check out some other books in the "GMA" library.


You may think that because we are identical twins and share the same DNA we're naturally more telepathic than most. And in fact, we do have twin telepathic experiences on a daily basis. We don't need BlackBerrys or iPhones to communicate with each other; we use "TwinBerry" mental telepathy.

But according to Guy Lyon Playfair, a researcher of the paranormal and author of Twin Telepathy, only about 30 percent of twins have actually experienced a telepathic connection while the vast majority have no particular psychic bond between them. We, however, were born not only with the ability to communicate psychically with each other, but also with abilities that reach beyond our twinship, which enable us to be reliably psychic for anyone at any time.

In West Chester, the small Pennsylvania farming town where we grew up, no one had ever heard of—much less met—a psychic, and so for a long time neither we nor our family and friends thought much about our abilities. Although both our parents were artists—our father, Philip Jamison, is a master watercolorist and national academician, and our mother was also a gifted painter—they were in many ways quite conservative. While they applauded our inherited artistic talents, they tended to either dismiss or discourage our ability to "know" things we had no way of knowing.

The first psychic experience either one of us can recall occurred when we were five and Terry won a prize at her school fair for correctly naming the exact number of jellybeans in a jar. She didn't just guess the closest number—she was exactly right. Later, as teenagers, we started predicting what our friends' careers would be—although we didn't learn until many years after that our predictions had come true. Still, we always had the sense that we would become famous artists and designers, and we didn't spend a lot of time thinking about how or why we seemed to know or predict things other people simply could not foresee.

It wasn't until our mid-teens, when we started to experience a series of baffling and debilitating health issues, that we began our continuing quest for spiritual knowledge. It was that ongoing search that eventually led us to discover the Buddhist philosophy and practice that provided us with spiritual sustenance during those years of physical pain, as it continues to do today.

All our lives, we believed there was a philosophy that could help us find answers. We had already tried many different meditation techniques and spiritual practices when our friend Susan invited us to attend a Buddhist meeting. We found ourselves sitting on the floor of someone's small apartment, surrounded by people facing a scroll in a box on the wall and chanting in a language we didn't understand. Their combined voices chanting in total harmony sounded very much like music. But it was the genuine excitement of the people sharing their personal experiences and the benefits they'd received from the practice that impressed us the most. These people had an irrepressible spirit, fueled by their faith that any obstacle could be overcome. Somehow we knew this was the practice that was going to help us. Since that first meeting, Buddhism has empowered us to discover new dimensions of courage, strength, and resilience we never knew we had.

Still, the path that eventually led to our current work has been neither straightforward nor easy. After graduating high school, we studied painting and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and we received BFA degrees in painting and art education from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, in Philadelphia. Then, after college, we moved to New York City and began our careers as comedic performance artists. We started our own company called Pop Theatrics, and we entertained at events for luminaries such as Bob Hope, Luciano Pavarotti, Jacqueline Onassis, Donald Trump, and Cher, and at the White House for then-president Ronald Reagan and his wife. We even starred in a short film written especially for us that aired on Saturday Night Live. This was a huge honor and definitely one of the highlights of our theatrical career. Every comic dreams of being on SNL, and we got on the show without even auditioning!

After twelve years in New York, we moved to Los Angeles hoping to further our television and film careers as comic actresses. As we honed our stand-up act at the Improv and the Comedy Store in Hollywood, we were also, quietly and deliberately, developing our innate abilities as psychics and mediums. Although we'd been practicing tuning in to our intuition for some time, we became especially interested in psychic work in our twenties. Having spent years battling chronic illness and pain, we instinctively knew that the medications our doctors had been prescribing weren't helping us, and we believed we could use our psychic abilities to discover a more healing path.

To get the answers we needed, we began to work with a pendulum (a form of dowsing that's similar to using a Y-shaped stick or rod to find water or metal in the ground). We would hold the pendulum dangling from a string and ask questions with simple yes or no answers, such as whether a particular medicine or therapy would be positive for us, or whether we should take a particular job. Having decided that a yes answer would make the pendulum circle clockwise and a no answer would cause it to circle counterclockwise, we gave ourselves that autosuggestion. To give yourself an autosuggestion, you simply have a clear intention and state out loud the outcome you've decided upon—in this case that the pendulum's circling clockwise would indicate yes, and its circling counterclockwise would indicate no. Early on, we would even take the pendulum to the grocery store and ask it whether or not a particular food would be beneficial to our health. Many years ago, our friends were trying to talk us out of moving to Los Angeles, but when we asked the pendulum if we should move, the answer was a clear yes. California has now been our home for twenty years.

At the same time we were working with the pendulum to figure out how to improve our health, we also worked extensively with alternative therapies, including Chinese medicine, acupuncture, classical homeopathy, various forms of chiropractic, countless special diets, and different types of prayer and meditation. We even went to shamanic healers. In the end, we became our own best diagnosticians, and in the process discovered what would become an important aspect of our life's work, which is medical intuition. Our heightened awareness of illness made us especially sensitive to others' diseases and disorders, and we have been doing medical intuitive work for many years now.

We'd been making predictions for friends and using our psychic abilities for years without really thinking of them as anything special when, one day, we were sitting at a charming little place called The Rose Café in Venice Beach, California, and Linda began spontaneously writing on a napkin. The words seemed to come out of nowhere, and before she knew it she'd filled five napkins with writing. At the time, she really had no idea what was happening, but we later learned she had been in a state that's known as a "conscious trance" and doing channeled or automatic writing. When we returned home, Terry felt compelled to try automatic writing, too. She soon realized that she also had this gift, which ultimately became, and still remains, our primary tool for receiving psychic information about the past, present, and future. Interestingly, Terry's automatic handwriting looks quite different from Linda's. Linda's writing is loopy and embellished with elaborate flourishes and curlicues, very much like a medieval manuscript. Terry's writing is a smaller script, with flat lines and words sometimes joined together. It somewhat resembles an earthquake seismogram. Neither of these writing styles bears much resemblance to our normal writing.

Shortly after we moved to Los Angeles we figured out that there weren't many acting jobs calling for adult twins (unless your last name was Barbi and you worked with a stripper pole), but our psychic reputation was spreading by word of mouth, mostly through friends, and eventually we posted a tiny ad for our services in a small local publication. Much to our surprise, a producer for NBC television saw it and called us. After asking us to confirm that we were really twins and really psychics, she challenged us to do a spontaneous reading for her over the phone, which we did. She told us that we had just given her the most accurate reading she'd ever had, and invited us to appear with Sylvia Browne (who was, at the time, probably the bes tknown psychic in the country) and three other intuitives on an NBC program called The Other Side. It was the first of three appearances on that show, and we diagnosed people's illnesses on the air, with a respected doctor verifying our accuracy. The Psychic Twins were off and running!

Over the years we've appeared on more than one hundred television and radio programs and starred in fifteen documentary films profiling our psychic gifts. And we have made countless public predictions of world events—most notably the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio program on November 2, 1999—that have cemented our reputation and made us the most documented psychics in the world. We've assisted law enforcement in solving murder cases, reunited families, predicted all kinds of natural disasters, and even diagnosed serious medical conditions and diseases.

But it's the work we do quietly and in private that has been our greatest reward. For more than twenty-five years now we have helped thousands of clients all over the world to gain insight into their past, better understand their present, and determine their true purpose. Our role, as we see it, is to shine a light into the darkness of the unknown so that people are better able to trust their own intuition, understand the mysterious world in which we live, gain a new perspective that allows them to make better choices, and create a more authentic and meaningful life for themselves.

Rather than simply persuading or convincing others of our predictive "rightness," we seek to enroll and empower them to discover for themselves what is possible on a personal and spiritual level. Our intention is to be the bridge that allows people to feel more connected, not only with one another but also with the energy of the Universe. We know that what we do is serious business, and while we go about it with humor as well as compassion, we always take it very seriously. Being a good psychic medium requires courage, intelligence, integrity, and most important, heart.

For us, tapping into the psychic energy of the Universe is as natural as breathing. It's no more difficult than turning on the radio, tuning in, and receiving information. We know that's not always easy for most people to believe, much less achieve. But we also know that everyone has some innate level of intuitive ability, and our goal in this book is to help you discover and nurture your own (natural) supernatural talents. You, too, can access this higher level of understanding that will allow you to unleash your true unlimited potential.

In the following chapters we'll explain the factors that may have been preventing you from accessing your own psychic intelligence, how you can overcome those stumbling blocks, and what you can do to enhance the intuitive abilities you were born with. Not all psychics receive information the same way. As you'll be learning, some people are better at receiving psychic information in auditory form, others "see" mental images, some people are more emotionally sensory, and still others simply "know" what's coming to them from the spirit world. These four ways of getting in touch with your psychic intelligence are what we call "the four Clairs," and we'll be showing you how to determine where your particular psychic talents lie. Once you know that, you'll not only be able to tap into whatever turns out to be your primary source of wisdom, but you'll also be able to use the methods we'll provide to enhance those areas where you may be less innately intuitive.

We'll help you become more adept at peeking around corners to see both the warning signs and the positive signals the Universe is sending your way. We'll provide you with all the psychic tools you need to define your dreams and ambitions so that you can discover your true life purpose, enhance your love life, improve personal relationships, enjoy vibrant good health, and bring more wealth and abundance into your life.

A friend once told us, "You are two of the few people I know who are truly living an authentic life." It was a great compliment, and hard won. But we are here to tell you that if you just listen to that still, small voice within you and use the tools we provide, you, too, will find your wondrous authentic path and become the person you were meant to be.